Writing an Online Dating Profile or Resume: Truth or Dare with a Smattering of Deception

Playing up your resume and and finding love is a lot more similar than you might think.  Putting substance to your online dating profile and writing something inspirational about yourself in a singles online ad  is not something to be taken lightly.  One must contemplate just the right flow of words to make Mr. Alright respond to your profile faster than you can say fat, single, curvy woman seeks big beefcake for meaningful McDonald’s meet-ups.

As engaging as that might sound to you, it probably won’t bring home the man prize or job of your dreams.  In order to attract the right kind of Ken to your Barbie or the right job, you might need to stretch the truth a little.  Its risky business by telling your potential  husband that your version of tall and sexy is about three apples high of a smurf with squatty forest gnome feet.

It’s okay to vamp up your online profile with descriptions that capture and captivate the attention of the intended reader. The whole point is to create a little mystery and uniqueness.  It’s really a way to brainstorm your way to love.   Just like an entry level job that has some interesting prospects, there’s nothing about a caterpillar that leads you to believe it will become a butterfly. Until you meet your prospective match in person, play up those beautiful traits in a wonderfully crafted paragraph wrapped up in interesting adjectives.

Its a little like padding your resume with interesting information about yourself and the personal achievements you have accomplished along the way.   On the flip side, be careful not to get carried away by describing yourself as a lusty, busty blonde.  You don’t want your dates face to drop when he discovers your busty description just turns out to be just plain musty and the equivalent of two mosquito bites hidden under your sweater.  Even though you might have fallen out of keeping yourself up these days, fix that frayed and frazzled hot mess you call your hair by coloring those nasty little roots.  Blow the dust off your favorite dress and get going crafting the witty dating profile that will bring home tall, dark, handsome and totally just okay.

Tiersa Buckley

Tiersa Buckley is a creative dating writer who writes for the dating blogs DatingOnline.net and Datingsite.org where daily dating tips are provided. Her articles present a humorous twist on today’s dating dilemmas!

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