How to Design and Decorate a Romantic Master Bedroom

romantic master bedroom

It is important to put time and effort into designing your modern bedroom, even more so if you want it to be a romantic master bedroom for you and your loved one. Of course, there are undoubtedly areas such as the ensuite for convenience and privacy and a walk-in wardrobe that is a must to ensure minimal clutter and maximum organization.

However, other very important factors must be thought about in detail too.

Focus on your layout 

Your layout is crucial to provide comfort and safety. Having your bed directly opposite the door, for instance, will not provide you with any much-needed privacy. Whereas, having situated under a window could provide you with aches and pains from sleeping in a draft. 

As you can see you will have to plan your modern romantic bedroom carefully. Thankfully, there are software packages available where you can draw up your modern master bedroom plan to scale and then view your drawing in 3D. This will provide you with a valuable window to see the layout, and how it will work and ensure that all of your furniture will fit as you want it to.

Choose a color scheme

Color schemes are very important in a bedroom, get it wrong, and you could find that your sleep patterns are shattered, or headaches and tensions arise. First and foremost, a bedroom is supposed to be a relaxing place, so look for pastel shades. 

To make it a romantic boudoir, turn those pastel shades slightly darker. Colors such as soft eggplant or rich crimson are supposed to ignite passion, but dark, sumptuous blues or greens can also arouse the senses. 

You should also turn your mind to the lighting options within your bedroom. For the most romantic of moods, the lighting should be soft and dimmed so that it creates shadows. Installing additional lighting other than just overhead or at the bedside may help soften the room’s interior. However, placing flameless candles in places such as on a dressing table or in a comfy corner could add to the romantic, relaxing feeling of the room.

Think about textures

Of course, it is not all about colors, you will need to think about textures too. Silk or cotton sateen for that smooth, soft feel next to the skin, faux furs for their warmth and richness, and deep-piled carpets or rugs for toes to sink into are just a start. 

Layer complimentary colors and different textures in throws and cushions on bedding and chairs. Pool full drop curtains luxuriously on the floor rather than stop above floor level or just touching the carpet to create a room you cannot wait to enter and never want to leave.

Final thoughts

There is more to putting together a romantic bedroom than you may think. It includes the space you have, the layout to provide privacy and intimacy, and the color scheme that induces relaxation and sumptuous textiles that speak to all your sensory receptors.