How to Help Your Partner Choose an Engagement Ring

The task of picking the perfect engagement ring is challenging for both sides of a relationship. Many men find this almost as harrowing as popping the question itself. When it comes to engagement rings, the truth is, a guy is just as scared of buying the wrong one as a woman fears she will get something hideous.

One way to solve this is to just pick and point to whatever your heart desires, but for some, that takes away the moment’s novelty. For many girls – they hope that their partner would know to pick one based on how much he knows her. Ladies, give your man a break and at least drop some hints. While he loves you wholeheartedly, it does not give him the powers to read your mind. Here are some tips on how to give him an idea without spoiling the moment!

Know What Ring You Want

First things first, do you know what you want? Remember the basic things to pin down, so when he does ask you those probing questions about the ring, you are ready with some easy to remember guidelines. If you want your ring your way but still want him to do the picking, the easiest way to point him in the right direction would be to mention three crucial things- Style, Shape, and Setting.

Style – Are you a little black dress, pearls, and Audrey Hepburn fan? You’re most likely a Classic round or princess-cut diamond engagement ring kind of girl then. If you’re more fashionable and trendy with passion for all things contemporary, a Modern designer engagement ring might suit you better. If you are a spiritual, artsy, cultural, and looking for something out of the ordinary, you may be more of a Vintage or Bespoke engagement ring type. Your ring should be something that fits YOUR personality.

Shape – The most basic detail to give away about the diamond is its shape. The popular diamond shapes include round, heart-shaped, marquise-cut, Asscher-cut, emerald-cut, radiant-cut, pear-shaped, oval, and princess-cut diamonds. The majority of diamond engagement rings today are set with a round for a good reason, it catches more light, and sparkles better due to it having the most cut facets. You may want something different though, so speak up if you don’t want to go with the norm.

Setting – Will you be using the ring with a fair amount of activity? Then you might want to go for a bezel kind of setting, wherein the diamond is framed by the ring. If you won’t be using it all too much and are more concerned with the best way to showcase the big rock on your fingers, a classic four-or six-prong mounting that holds it up from the band is best as it keeps all focus on the diamond.

The most likely scenario if he is a first-time diamond buyer is that he would ask you straight away what you want. If you’re not keen on shopping for one with him, having the above information for him gives him enough room to still decide for himself without compromising the over-all look of the ring that you want.

Help Him Pick the Jeweler

When picking the jeweler, remember that expensive does not necessarily mean better. You can find the perfect ring with the best value if you are truly working with professionals. Refer your man to a jewelry store that does not just have beautiful rings but will also provide the best customer service and expert knowledge of the 4C’s (diamond carat, cut, color, and clarty), especially since he will probably be asking a lot of questions. He is after all, making one of the most important purchases of his life. One great option for him would be a well-reviewed and thoroughly referenced online jewelry store that can accommodate all his questions and all the time he needs to put into thinking about it.

Make Hints Subtle but Accessible

You can pin some pegs on your Pinterest board, or tell your best friend and family about your dream ring. He will most likely go to these sources first for advice if he is really on a mission to surprise you. You could also even say things like how you admire a friend’s ring and a brief reason why you like it. Only when he starts probing though, as you might not want to risk freaking a man out with daydreaming about rings out loud.

 All You Need Is Love

Communicating about this simple yet challenging task will show a great deal about how you deal with other important decisions in the future. If he wants to go about this task on his own, be ready to be of help whenever he needs it. Support him, but don’t be overbearing. Communicate what you want without being demanding. If it comes down to it, sit down and come to a middle ground on what matters to both of you. At the end of the day, remember – an engagement can be done right with any ring if it’s the right man down on one knee  asking you to wear it.

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