How to Jumpstart Your Career

take your career further

Whether you’re looking forward to climbing up the corporate ladder or are just a newbie with little or no experience, you might want to demonstrate personal competence and organizational knowledge. While working hard and achieving goals is seen as the first step towards getting closer to your dream job/position, you also want to show your seniors that you have the bigger picture.

However, to demonstrate that you have a real understanding of the bigger picture, you need to shake things up a little bit. In this job application guide, we’ve included 8 totally smart way, and timeless ways for you to really shake up things in your career advancement process. Our tips have been rounded from some of the top financial and IT experts.

1) Aim for Improvement

According to Carol Dweck, a Stanford psychologist, you should always strive to improve what you have since growth mindset is key to improving all the areas of your life. According to the psychologist, individuals with a fixed mindset have no room for improvement and think that talents or abilities are inborn. In a nutshell, he says that such individuals just believe in luck.

Conversely, individuals with a growth mindset often believe that most of the things are malleable and can be improved through learning and work. To them, anything, including physical appearance, social skill and the quality of your work can be improved.

2) Provide Solutions

Effective entrepreneurship is all about searching for and taking actions on anything that you can. See, even if you are a solopreneur, you should always consider your clients as your “team.” According to Dweck, if you are not willing to go above and beyond providing your clients with solutions, you should no longer be in business.

3) Practice Giving More

Everything in business, career, and life in general boils down to the relationship you have with your family, friend, business partners and business partners. According to Dweck, the Law of Reciprocity asserts that when you do something to someone, they have deep, psychological urge to do the same.

This is to mean if you’re to advance your career to the next level or build a business network, you first need to master the art of giving. Solve other people problem. Give them ideas, so that it’s not all about you.

4) Develop Systems for Repetitive Tasks

If you love hacks, you need to incorporate them into your business. Develop hacks for all your routine and repetitive tasks including sending emails, work process, how you reach out to potential clients and fitness routines. Systems hacks in your career will not only save you the time but also the mental energy you need to do such tasks.

5) Study Copywriting to Enhance your Texting Skills

Text messaging is by far the most popular means of communication in the corporate world. However, to set yourself from the rest, you need to master copywriting. Developing skills in copywriting allows you to deliver punchy, attractive, and appealing copy that is sure to connect with the readers.

6) Work on Your Social Skills

Yes, I agree, that we live in a world of tech and texting is seen as the best mode of communication. However, financial experts argue that technology is still not sufficient to replace face-to-face conversation, and texting is not a reason to avoid learning social skills.

See, social skills such as social cues, or learning to keep a conversation going are more intuitive and appealing, compared to texting. Technology can never meet or supersede human interaction, and therefore you need to get out there and meet new people.

7) Work on your Appearance and Style

Impression plays a huge role in life, more so in the corporate world; your dressing style can say more about you, even before you start a conversation.

People always live on assumptions, and it would be safe to say that a smartly dressed individual has their life in order, and it would be worth to initiate a conversation with them.

Conversely, it would be safe to assume that messy individuals have no control over their lives and it’s best to stay away from them.

8) Create and Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Hand-in-hand with working on your appearance is living a healthy lifestyle. Aside from the health benefits, eating the right diet and taking exercises demonstrates your commitment, and ability to make decisions.

Jumpstarting your career is not as hard as you thought-after all we have provided you with killer tips that will help you charge your way forward. If you truly follow the above tips of constant learning, offering solutions, mastering social skills and being emphatic, you are surely going to be on the right track of becoming a good entrepreneur/worker.