The Art of the Interview – Three Ways to Nail Your Interview

In every interview, as we strive to share our authentic self, there is an element of a star performance. The essentials of preparing for the interview, including professionalism, enthusiasm, and dressing the part, are key factors that will directly impact your overall impression and interview success. While the list is long, the following are my top three tips to nail your interview.

Use active language and first person singular throughout the interview.

The effective use of active words, along with saying “I” rather than “we,” are vitally important to convey confidence and assurance. Eradicate passive words such as “just,” “could,” and “can.” Passive language is fatal, as it reduces your stature and abilities. You are highly desirable talent, so communicate it!

Write out a response to anticipated questions and descriptions of your accomplishments, then search out and eliminate passive words and “we.” The interview is all about you, not your whole team! Focus on your achievements, and communicate them with confidence and enthusiasm.

Take the time to record yourself; you will be surprised at how often these passive words sneak into our conversation! It takes conscious awareness and practice to break this habit of weakness, so invest the time to rehearse your responses and examples of triumph. Sharing your active voice and owning your achievements during an interview will set you apart.

Frame your key accomplishments in the macro and the micro.

A macro is the pitch or value-added achievement statement. In the simplest terms, it’s what you do or did on a high level that delivered outstanding business results. For example: “I have increased our event audience three-fold consecutively for the past three years.”

The micros are the bullet points that support the macro statement, the how I did it. Present them as short and succinct, providing high-level detail and credibility. These micro explanations are facts, metrics, or statistics that specifically illustrate the macro results achieved. Think of each macro statement as a means to engage and entice the interviewer to want to know more. Your interviewer will pay attention and recognize your potential for future contributions to the company.

Ask curated questions regarding the position, department, policies, and the organization.

The questions you curate illustrate your interests, passions, and values. They demonstrate your focus and commitment to selecting the best job and company culture fit. In so doing, you are creating an emotional trigger of scarcity and desirability, communicating that you are a highly sought-after candidate. Own it!

During the interview, you are setting the tone in the context of your career goals and mission to achieve those objectives. These curated questions must contain genuine information you ardently desire and what you need to make a decision to work for the company. You are establishing a clear indication of your future performance, while positively affecting the interviewer with a sense of your engagement and diligence.

Yes, You Can Nail Your Interview

These three powerful tips will help you nail the interview. During the conversation, always remember to make eye contact, smile, and speak with passion, conviction, and enthusiasm. This inspiring approach will set you apart from other candidates. The result is a memorable, great impression. Nailed it!

This guest post was authored by Lynn Whitbeck

Lynn Whitbeck is the Founder and CEO of Petite2Queen, and how she helps the world is by teaching women leadership skills to live richer and fuller lives. She dedicates herself to share the insights learned along her journey and enable positive change for women.

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