How To Keep Your Employees Engaged And Cost-Effective


One of the most common errors in business is not keeping your employees happy, which in turn gradually breaks down the company. A valuable asset to any long-standing or new business, employees are also costly if the care is not taken to show they are valued. Hence, evaluating and implementing new ways to encourage employees happiness is integral to any company’s success and often should be the place to start. 

Why Are Employees Leaving Companies?

The predominant reason why employees are leaving their jobs in the current climate is because of underappreciation. Of course, one always thinks their company shows their value to their employees, but sometimes more needs to be done. Over 77% of employees feel as though they are on their own in a company in terms of developing their careers. More alarmingly, 76% of employees that feel reportedly undervalued are actively seeking out other job roles.

Workplace Loneliness

Loneliness in the workplace is often something a manager or employer does not think about when it comes to taking care of the company. But, as outlined, employee happiness is crucial when it comes to the success of a company. It has been found that workers thought about leaving their current job twice as much as employees who had good, strong colleague relationships. Also, 12% of lonely employees report less productivity, claiming their work was not as good as it could have been.                    

How The First 90 Days Of Employment Are Crucial

30% of people actively seeking a job have left within 90 days of starting. There are three reasons for this; firstly, the job did not match with the employees’ expectations. This means that the environment or culture in the workplace posed a threat to them, resulting in their timely departure. In response to this, it is integral to the development of the company that managers look at the reasons employees leave, as it is an expensive and unwanted problem. 

How Do You Keep Your Employees?

The best and most paramount technique to achieve employee satisfaction is to ensure your company promotes the right environment. For example, does your company give off the impression that its employees are valued, welcomed, and engaged? When this question is asked and thoroughly investigated, employees can feel as though they want to spend and dedicate their working life to your company. 

What is Onboarding?

This leads to the technique called onboarding, which is the range of activities one can provide to ensure employees feel as though they belong within a company. There are many different types of onboarding, the most known and used is digital onboarding, alongside technical and practical. What these achieve is the employee’s ability to obtain a sense of belonging right from the start, making them feel as though they are committed. Onboarding gives this sense of belonging to ensure people do not want to leave, keeping safe your most valuable assets and members of your team. 

Overall, there are a lot of ways to try and engage your employees in order to increase their work ethic. The most important place to start is to recognise and evaluate your team, and start from there. 

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