4 Tips To Help Maintain a Keto Diet

keto diet

The keto diet is becoming more popular every year. More and more people are now learning about the health and weight loss benefits the can reap from it. For starters, ketosis is the type of diet in which your body is programmed to produce more ketone bodies through fat, and use them as a source of energy instead of the usual carbs. This can happen when a person’s carb intake is very low, while his high-fat food consumption is high.

The keto diet is very much recommended for people who want to lose weight quickly. That’s because your body’s stored water and glycogen will be significantly reduced. In the long run, as your body becomes used to this diet, your appetite will be more suppressed, and it’ll be easier for you to control your calorie intake. 

For some, going into ketosis is can be challenging, especially the first two weeks. This is where you first introduce your body to a new way of eating. Understandably, your body will go into withdrawal as you start to train getting rid of carbs. Some may even feel sick, or what they call the keto flu. As they struggle to maintain ketosis, some will stop the diet after a month.

Continue reading below for the four tips to help you maintain ketosis

Keep Track Of Your Carbs And Macros

The golden formula for ketosis is this: low carb, sufficient protein, and high fat. The amount of formula will vary for each person, so you may have to experiment first and see which works best for you. The formula’s standard amount is 5% carbs, 25% protein, and 70% to 80% fat. 

To make sure you get a more accurate assessment of your body’s keto formula, you can use a free macro calculator. Through this device, you can keep track of your carbs and fat intake, while finding out which estimate is suitable for you. After you’ve figured out the best formula, you can still use the same tool to help you maintain ketosis and keep track of your macros goals, like your BMI, body weight, and physical activity level.

Focus On What You Can Eat

Some people tend to focus more on what they can’t eat, which only makes them miss their old eating lifestyle and eventually go back to their old ways. Instead of contemplating what you can’t eat, why not focus on what you can eat. You can focus on filling your body’s new set of needs that can fulfill your ketosis formula.

Focus on planning your meals and make sure they have an adequate amount of protein and are high in fat. To make it easier, it’s best if you start making your meal plans. When you have a meal plan for the week or even for the month, it’ll serve as your guide so you won’t lose track of your body’s high-fat needs. This will also minimize your need to give in to your cravings, as the more fat you consume, the more you’ll feel satiated.

Get Rid Of All Non-Keto Food

Another effective way to maintain your ketosis is transforming your entire kitchen and pantry into a keto-friendly space. Make sure you’re only surrounded by keto-friendly food in your home. That way, it won’t be too hard for you to control your cravings and be tempted to cheat on your diet. If ever you feel hungry or in the mood for snacks, then you only have keto food available to eat. If you’re cooking your meals, then you can only use ingredients that are acceptable for the keto diet.

Socialize With Other Keto Dieters

This is probably an uncommon tip, yet it’s conducive to maintaining your ketosis. Having social support from other keto dieters will keep you motivated and inspired to continue this lifestyle for a lifetime. If you go through any struggles and concerns, you won’t feel alone because you can approach other keto people. You can share your sentiments with the rest of the keto community, and they’ll be with it because you can all relate to what you go through. Not only on struggles, but you can also share each other’s successes and accomplishments.

Your achieved weight and other health goals can help inspire other keto dieters, especially those who’ve just started to continue this new way of life.

Wrapping Up

Achieving and maintaining ketosis isn’t something that’s expected to happen overnight. It requires patience, perseverance, and discipline. Make sure to incorporate these tips above while you also train yourself to have the right attitude towards this lifestyle. After all, the benefits you’ll get are all for the good of yourself, your weight, and your health. So, go keto and enjoy the keto lifestyle.

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