How to Negotiate a Better Salary

If you have had a run of great interviews and an offer lands in your inbox that seems interesting – it’s time to decide if you want to negotiate a better salary or accept the offer.  Most of the time, the figure in the offer is negotiable, and you should make sure that you ask for what you want. 

Although not everyone is comfortable negotiating, everyone should make sure that they get what they are entitled to. Consider that if you are good enough to hire and give an offer to – you are valuable to the company. 

So you need to discuss what that value is. 

How much are you worth?

How much are your skills and experience in the current market? You need to make sure that you know what other people who have a similar background as you are currently getting. 

You can use that knowledge as part of your negotiations. The moment that you apply for a job, you need to do a deep dive into all of the financial information you can find. Usually, you will find some useful resources that offer the information you need, things like gs pay scale for federal employees, although many people find Glassdoor useful for most other types of jobs. 


Instead of cash, would you be willing to have some benefits? Often when there isn’t extra cash available, the company in question can create a package that will meet the needs of the prospective new member. 

Think about what you would accept: 

Think about what might be a positive impact on your lifestyle. 

If they aren’t able to offer you what you want in terms of cash right now, consider adding something to the contract that offers you a review in three months that includes a revision to the pay. 


If you go into a salary negotiation feeling like you don’t deserve what you are worth, there are many would-be employers that will take advantage. However, it is becoming more common to have employers that are more about supporting their new recruits; that isn’t always the case. 

It is important that you have the confidence in yourself that you are worth what you are asking for. Keep in mind it is not uncommon for the interviewer to press about why that figure or if you are worth it. 

Stand your ground and remain confident in what you have asked for. 

Two figures

As you head into negotiations, try to keep two figures in mind – the one that is your BIG number and the number that you would be willing to settle for. 

The one you are willing to settle for should cover everything you need to live on and give you some spare money to play with. The big number should be your dream number. 

When asked what you want in terms of salary, always open with your big number, even if you would happily settle for a lot less. 

When you are already in a role, negotiations will take a different shape: How To Negotiate The Pay Raise You Deserve – Ms. Career Girl