Breaking Into Copywriting: 7 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Career in Copywriting


Whether you’re a gifted, aspiring writer or just looking to switch careers and investigating your options, you may be wondering if copywriting is a stable and lucrative career.

Ready? Copywriting is not only a great career to have in the present, but it’s likely to remain a stable and lucrative career for the foreseeable future. With the rise of ecommerce and digital marketing, copywriters are more in demand than ever. There’s also a low barrier to entry, compared to other careers, making it ideal for someone switching careers later in life. You don’t need a degree (or even a high school diploma!) or years of experience – you just have to be good.

Here’s why a career in copywriting is a smart choice.

Copywriting Is In-Demand

Copywriting isn’t new – it’s been around for a long time. But the widespread use of the internet sent the field into overdrive. Copywriters are no longer limited to ad agencies or in-house marketing teams.

With all the ecommerce businesses and the shift to digital marketing environments, copywriters are in-demand. Virtually every business, in every industry, needs a copywriter, so you have numerous options to choose from.

Millions of clients need copywriters to draft ads, sales pages, emails, web copy, and more, and they can pay well.

Every Business Needs a Copywriter

Every business needs business copywriting, so in a sense, it’s recession-proof. While some businesses may believe they can tackle the writing themselves, they often find that they need the help of a skilled professional with a gift for words.

Think about it – a business can have a stunning website and amazing products, but if the customers don’t know it exists, they’re dead in the water. In addition, a brand with the wrong messaging can’t target the right audience to convert them to paying customers.

This also creates an opportunity for you, aspiring copywriter. Many copywriters have a niche that they know, narrowing the competition for jobs to your expertise. Best of all, your “work” won’t really feel like work, since you don’t need to research as a much as a newbie.

For example, maybe you’re an animal lover and you know everything about pets. Well, pet companies need copywriters, too.

Here are some other examples of niches you can choose:

  • Technology
  • Real estate
  • Travel
  • Home improvement
  • Retail
  • Fashion
  • Marketing
  • Sports
  • Outdoors

You’re Your Own Boss

While some copywriters work for a brand or an agency and are technically employees, copywriting can be done as a contractor.

When you’re a contractor or freelancer, your time is your own. You agree on the rates and project, and you have a deadline, but you can work on your own schedule.

Maybe you prefer to work in the early morning hours before the kids get up for school, or maybe you’re a night owl and find your creativity when the rest of the world sleeps. No more 9-5 for you!

Copywriting is freedom. You only have to answer to yourself.

Good Copywriting Can’t Be Automated

Automation is taking over many different jobs. Artificial intelligence replacing workers is a real concern for many, but it won’t be for a copywriter.

Sure, tech companies are claiming that artificial intelligence can write ads and emails. Maybe someday, copywriters will be replaced by technology.

But not today. As of now, AI tools can be used to enhance or correct writing, but it can’t fully replace the creativity of a real-life human. Copywriting is as much an art as it is a science, and that takes a human touch.

The best copywriters have an inherent empathy and know how to target a customer’s pain points to sell a product or service. AI can’t do that, and businesses that know will still pay for the real deal.

Copywriting Has a Low Barrier to Entry

Copywriting can be a six-figure career, but not all copywriters earn that out of the gate. Some copywriters choose to work fewer hours to spend time with family or travel. Others may take on smaller and less stressful projects that they’re passionate about.

So, the pay can vary significantly, but it’s a simple and direct track to earning a high income on your own terms.

  • If you want to be a high-income copywriter, you can hustle and get the right clients to earn those figures.
  • If you want to work on some high-paying projects for half the year and travel for the second half, you can.
  • And if you want to work only on the projects you consider “fun,” even if that means you make a little less, that’s your prerogative.
pet-friendly workplaces

You Can Work From Anywhere

Travel is something many dream of, but with a week or so paid vacation a year and a limited budget, a lot of people don’t get to see the world.

If you invest in your copywriting skills, build a copywriting portfolio, and hustle to get the quality clients, you can have the income and time to travel as much as you want. Because you set your own schedule, you don’t have to request time off six months in advance and hope that it’s approved.

Also, you can write remotely, so you can take “work vacations” to beautiful locales to get a project done. Imagine working with your toes in the sand and a view of turquoise seas, or nestled in front of a fire in a peaceful mountain cabin.

As long as you have the internet and your laptop, you’re good to go!

It’s Fun!

You’ve likely heard some version of “love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Copywriting can be that.

Of course, not every day will be sunshine and rainbows, but overall, you’ll get to write about new and exciting products, services, brands, and ideas. You can choose the clients you want to work for and write about the topics that you feel passionate about.

You’ll not only get satisfaction out of your work, but you’ll become a better copywriter for it. Your passion and dedication will shine through in your writing, delivering better results for the client.

Ready to Get Started?

Copywriting is an excellent career that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. If all of this sounds good to you, you just need to make the leap into a wild career in copywriting! There’s no better time than now. 

This guest post was authored by Liz Slyman

Over the past decade, Liz has worked as a copywriter and digital marketing executive for a multitude of companies from startups to and mid-sized businesses to working as the VP of marketing for award-winning, platinum-selling artists. Leveraging an understanding of the nuance of language in marketing, Liz founded Amplihigher, a content marketing and copywriting agency, designed to connect consumers to companies in a way that results in next-level brand expansion.

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