How To Use Custom Credential Badges To Elevate Your Networking Game

A credential badge is more than a colorful plastic rectangle hanging from a lanyard around a neck or clipped onto a pocket. It can be an opportunity to increase how your company networks with event attendees and how attendees interact with each other. 

Curious about how a credential badge can elevate everyone’s networking game?

Find Sponsors

Who says your company needs to cover the cost of the custom credential badges? According to Bag Tags, Inc., when sponsors pay for space on event badges, it can help offset costs. It also puts your company on the radar of one or more businesses while building good rapport. 

Here’s one way to highlight sponsors: Put the logos on the back of the badges so the businesses get brand recognition, but it still lets the front design highlight and honor the event.

Create Commemorative Items

The custom credential badge and its corresponding lanyard (should you choose to have one) can be commemorative items attendees can keep year after year. For instance, you can have the lanyard custom printed with a special logo created specifically for that year that combines the theme of the event and your business. 

Lanyards are typically available in a range of colors, sizes, and durable materials. Credential badges are obtainable in a variety of sizes, composed of long-lasting materials, and come in one or more finishes. These customization options create a pairing strong enough to hold up for a significant amount of time as long as they are generally well cared for. 

Another option is hiring a local artist to create a special lanyard design or a mini piece of art on the back of the credential badge. They get public acclaim, and your company gets a fantastic design concept and some positive recognition. 

Want to raise money for charity at the event? Have the artist create a canvas-sized replica of the artwork on the lanyard and/or badge and have attendees bid on it for a good cause.

Create Some Friendly Competition

Few things draw attention like some friendly competition. Linking a gamification feature to the custom credential badge can give attendees an excellent (and fun!) reason to network with your company

Consider making the top winner of the game the recipient of a coveted prize, such as a gift certificate to a local exclusive restaurant. Make sure it’s a prize attendees will likely want to compete for so you can draw as many eyes to the game as possible. 

You can also think about tying the prize to sponsorship, as in brand recognition for that business in exchange for donating the top prize. The attendees interact in friendly competition, and your company builds a connection to a local establishment. Everyone can come out a winner. 

Add a Schedule Link

Creating a scheduling of happenings page for the event helps attendees know when they need to be somewhere. Perhaps you’ll want to forgo the standard link and/or email idea that details the schedule. 

Instead, opt for implementing a scannable QR code on the custom credential badge. It makes it easy for attendees to access this information quickly whenever they need it. Now, they don’t have to dig around in their email or texts to find it.

On this schedule of happenings page, include a substantial amount of information, such as the list of individual events and their respective dates, locations, and start/end times. You can also write a summary of each event and list any keynote speakers so attendees have an idea of what to expect.

Set Up an Image Gallery

Here’s another instance where a QR code on the custom credential badge can come in handy:

Hire a photographer for the event and have them upload the photos to a specific page that can only be accessed by attendees scanning a QR code on their badge. Consider allowing guests to tag themselves with their respective contact information. It establishes a “members only” perk, commemorates a fantastic event, and sets up a networking opportunity for anyone who was at the event.

Make a QR Code Digital Business Card 

Set up a QR code digital business card on the credential badge so attendees can share information, such as email addresses. Whenever they meet someone with whom they want to network, all they need to do is scan respective QR codes, and they will be able to easily contact each other. 

Design a Networking Strategy

If you’re ready to elevate your networking game, it is time to make a plan. A few considerations in the custom credential badge design can allow attendees to network better than ever with each other and with your company, encouraging brand recognition in the process. Strategic badge design elements add to the excitement of the event and may even inspire their attendance at other events in the future.

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