How You Can Start Your Freelance Writing Career

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The life of a freelance writer used to be trying to get a coveted interview or be at the right place at the right time. Now with the internet there are more companies than ever looking for freelance writers to create a plethora of written content. This could vary from product descriptions to company blog posts. Long form content like that of eBooks and resource pages can be extremely valuable to companies in the form of backlinks as well as other SEO benefits depending on traffic of the pages. The ability to make extra money or turn writing into your full-time job is up to you. The following are ways to start your freelance writing gig and possibly write full-time in the future.

Find Freelance Writing Gigs On Freelancer Platforms

Finding a freelance gig on one of the many platforms for freelancers should not be difficult. Creating pieces of content as examples can really help as most companies ask for sample pieces that you might have published online or have in a portfolio. Taking on large amounts of articles or copy in the beginning is not recommended until you understand how much you can do in a given week. Getting your freelancer rating up should be priority over getting your desired price per work. Many companies are willing to pay reliable freelancers more as they know the freelancer will deliver quality work by the deadline.

Approach And Apply For A Few Content Production Companies

Content creation is a huge industry as every business niche requires it for their website, marketing campaigns, and brand image. Finding these companies can allow you to get a consistent stream of income that you can rely on. Being able to count on a few hundred dollars a week or more can immensely change your financial wellbeing. These companies do have tests and applications so take your time to make sure you are approved to be a writer on a contract basis for the company.

Reach Out To Publications To Expand Your Portfolio

Writing for some top business publications can give a writer the exposure that they have always wanted. Many companies want to work with these writers for the recognition they have received. Many freelance writers are welcomed with open arms as long as they are not being compensated to mention a company. This can be a way to earn money if you include a sponsored tag and charge a writing plus publication fee. Trying to sneak in links is only going to ruin relationships with websites that could be very beneficial to a freelance writer.

Creating An Office Space Is Imperative For Most Large Volume Freelance Writers

Freelance writing might find you sitting around a pool but for the most part large volume freelance writers need a quiet space where they can knock out immense amounts of work. Consider one of the new high tech adjustable stand up desks. Or Massage chair heat therapy during writing can be relaxing and allow a writer to get quite a bit done. Creating an office can be done but make sure it is an area where distractions are minimized. A full-time freelance writer is going to have to churn out a large numbers of pieces per week. Writing 7 days a week can allow for a writer to make far more than those that stick to the traditional 5-day work week.

The life of a freelance writer can be great as you will be able to earn from any location with internet in the world. Take the time to use the above tips to get this part of your life started!