How To Get The Lowest Interest On A Business Loan

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For a small business, acquiring funding for new ventures is never an easy nut to crack. Even if you manage to get a loan, severely high rates of interest might turn it into a burden rather than a help.

Here, we bring you some simple steps to help obtain the lowest interest on business loans.


Before finalizing on loan, you’ll first need to understand the different loan types offered by the banks. For this, you need to be aware of all the available options. The best business loan will pertain to how unique your situation is and the type of loan you are pursuing.

You can either visit different banks personally and obtain all the necessary details or else; you can also compare loan providers online. It will allow you to see and compare what works best for you.

Prepare ahead of time for your business loan

A business can never be made ready for a loan overnight. A better loan always requires some preparation to set yourself up for it. Lenders look at two crucial things in a loan application — business profits and personal finances. Besides, long before you meet the lenders, work on improving your credit score, organizing accounting records, and paying off the existing debts.

Be prepared to show all your financial history and plans for seeking further growth. Providing all the information will indicate your professionalism and level of preparedness. This can be a significant aspect while negotiating for lower interest rates.  Although, there are high risk business loan options that are much more lenient to what paperwork is needed.

Nature of business

The nature of the business also influences interest rates. Based on the activities of the company, the bank classifies the loan into the priority or non-priority sector. Typically, the loans classified under the non-priority sector attract a higher rate of interest as compared to the ones under the priority sector.

For instance, export finance attracts lower interest rates. Designing the activities of your business in a sector that is prioritized in the capital market will allow you to acquire cheaper loans.

Presence of collateral

The presence of collateral also determines the rate of interest. In case the bank approves a loan without security, it gets ready to undertake a higher risk. Generally, unsecured loans are much more expensive than secured loans. Once the collateral is available, the bank has the security to fall back on.

This is why the rate of interest in these cases is notably lower. Collateral can be anything from a fixed deposit, government security, LIC policy, mortgage of property, and so on.

Establish relationships

It can be quite hard for a new small business to secure a startup loan. You cannot prove beforehand that the business will be profitable, which in turn, renders lesser risk to the lenders. Forming relationships with the lenders at an early age will help you in obtaining a loan.

Take advantage of whatever the bank has to offer you, including business bank accounts, company, and credit cards. The more you engage with your bank, the more the lenders get to know you. This will help you in acquiring a cheaper loan for the business.

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