Selecting Jewelry With a Difference


Jewelry can mean so many things. Jewelry can be a fashion statement, a way to express yourself through your clothing and accessory choices or an expression of love or friendship, as a gift to someone you care about.  Or jewelry can be practical, such as watches that tell us the time. Above all, jewelry is there to help us feel our best, no matter where we are or our personal tastes. If you are like me, then you want jewelry that is just a bit different from the standard jewelry you see on most people. While looking for something unique, I came across these stunning salt pendants that have totally changed the way I view statement necklace pieces.

Salt Pendants

You’ve likely heard of salt lamps—or at least seen them on the desks of your friends or co-workers! And if you’ve seen salt lamps, then you already know how pretty the large chunks of salt mineral can look, especially in the right lighting.

That unique look is exactly where the jewelry from steps into play. The salt pendant necklaces from this highly unique shop feature salt mineral pieces surrounded by a variety of different pendant enclosures. Some of the most notable enclosures include a silver tree sphere, a silver diamond shape, a silver filigree heart, a silver Celtic cross, a silver bird cage, a silver swan, and more. These necklaces aren’t just pretty—they are statement making pieces that are the best of both worlds. They are subtle enough to be worn with everyday ensembles. But they are unique enough to encourage people to take a second glance when they realise the beautiful mineral underneath the pendant enclosure.

The Salt Pendant Jewelry Difference

Jewelry should be unique.  but it’s all too common in today’s mass-produced world for people to wind up wearing more or less the same thing.  This even applies to accessories like rings, bracelets and necklaces. However, you don’t have to settle for wearing the same type of jewelry as everyone else! You can find something that is beautiful, unique and memorable when you choose a salt mineral pendant necklace.

Of course, you may be wondering—how much do these necklaces cost? When I first started finding out more about salt pendant jewelry, I assumed they would be rather pricey.  Especially considering that I had never seen similar jewelry before.  And anything unique tends to be on the higher side of the cost equation. Imagine my surprise when I found that the pendant necklaces were highly affordable! They were so affordable that I am planning on picking up more soon, and not just for me; they will make great gifts for friends and family that love subtle yet distinct jewelry just like I do.

Whether you’re looking for something to add to your personal jewelry collection or you want the perfect unique jewelry to gift to a friend or family member, you’ll definitely want to consider the salt pendant necklaces.


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