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One of the biggest advantages of being a part of Gen Y is the variety of technological advances available to us. Starting a business is still the same challenging and exciting risk that it is, but made much easier with all the systems that can be utilized to attain goals easier.

Without doubt during the last decade advances in technology have impacted on people’s working and personal lives to a considerable degree; computerized systems are found everywhere, from the home to the office, while even automobiles have more gadgets than ever before. Commerce has been revolutionized by new technology and these days the smallest micro-businesses are benefiting from IT systems that support how they function, making them both more efficient and also more cost-effective. Here are a few key systems that could fundamentally change how your business functions, for the better.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP is a collection of software that is integrated to perform several business functions. In particular, it can collect and store data, interpret it and generally manage it according to the needs of the business. So, depending on the nature and type of activity, whether manufacturing or service delivery, ERP can assist with product development, including planning and cost control; sales and marketing; managing inventory; and, handling payments and logistics.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

If an organization has a lot of interface with customers then CRM software can be particularly valuable. This technology helps businesses organize specific services via technical support for sales and marketing, making it easier to improve customer service. Happy customers, of course, are more likely to be repeat customers, so this software can help a business to grow its reputation as well as its market.

Document management software

Every business has to document its transactions in one form or another. For this reason, document management software is particularly beneficial as it encompasses the processes and procedures an organization uses in relation to its records. These can be captured, stored and kept secure daily, whilst simultaneously allowing information retrieval and integration at an appropriate level. For example, the functionality of the Idatix document management  solution is designed to make these five primary components of document management both simple and highly effective.

Accounting functions

While it’s highly unlikely that an associate is still writing up the business accounts in pencil in a hardback ledger, it is always a good idea periodically to reappraise the accounting software being used by the business. There are many different packages available, and it is relatively easy to choose one that is appropriate for the nature and scale of the commercial activity. Efficiency can be greatly improved by quality accounting software, human error can be virtually eliminated and the overall business impact is highly positive.


As mobile devices become increasingly common, so work practices are changing and communications software is increasingly employed to replace traditional ways of exchanging information with other people. Besides email, communication via text, audio and video can take place at almost any time and some software, such as Skype for example, is free to download and use, allowing people who do so to communicate with each other without using the telephone networks.

Always remember, however, that all of these advances are nothing without proper management. Be diligent in  keeping the business software up to date and the quality of how the organization is functioning at all levels can only improve.

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