It’s Been 2 Months! Can I Quit My Job Now?

The email went like this:

  1. It’s my first professional job after getting my Masters.  (nice work)
  2. I HATE it.
  3. My boss treats me like a secretary and I’m supposed to be the compliance manager.  Can I quit now?

My answer:  HELL NO, honey.

It’s your FIRST JOB!  It’s not supposed to be easy.  It actually sucks for most people in the beginning but ends up being the most rewarding and here is why:

  1. You are building the foundation for comparison for all future jobs.  You just don’t realize it yet!
  2. You learn from your bosses style and decide how you would treat a team differently if you were in charge.
  3. You figure out how much coaching you need in this brand new job and ASK FOR IT!
  4. You decide if you like this company culture and what you would change or keep the same.
  5. You build your first network by connecting with others around you.  Introduce yourself.

The experience you are receiving in your first job is extremely valuable even though you may feel like it’s tough.  Make goals.  Tell yourself you will re-assess in 3 months from now and zero complaining until that date.  You will give it your all for the next 3 months and then if you are seeing the light, put another 3 months on the calendar.

Regarding your boss, communication is key!  Set the expectation with him or her.  They are not mind readers.  TELL YOUR BOSS WHAT YOU WANT AND NEED IN ORDER TO BE A SUCCESSFUL COMPLIANCE MANAGER.  It should be their #1 priority to keep you happy.

I have a blog called Fresh On The Job you may like:!/   Hang in there, make changes, and see it through!


Nadene is an adopted Chicagoan who graduated from Indiana University, Kelley School of Business. She is a sales woman who specializes in technology solutions for business. Nadene is also a mentor, speaker and sales coach. You can find some of her amazing tips and tricks on her blog - Fresh On the Job and every Wednesday on Ms. Career Girl!