Job Search Tips for 2016

job search tips

Whether you’ve recently graduated and are still looking for that first career opportunity, or have been shopping for a career upgrade, one thing is obvious.  Seeking out a quality position requires much more in 2016 than just sending out a few resumes.  Start out with a mindset that the quest for a new position is an educational process in itself.   With that mindset, we’ve gathered the best tips and tools of the pros to help you search for and find the perfect position.  Read on to open the door to your future.

Make Your Resumes Perfect

Did you notice that it’s plural, as in more than one?  Gone are the days when you can get by with just one general purpose resume. You’re selling yourself, and just like an advertising campaign, your pitch must be targeted.  According to the professionals, you’ll need several versions and you’ll still need to tweak each of those for the specific employer.

On a more basic level, be sure to fine tune your resume.  If possible, find a reputable (one with lots of positive third party endorsements) resume service to develop a solid framework.  If you want to go it on your own, check out these things to avoid  recently covered in another Ms Career Girl article.

job search tips

Online Prospecting

There are literally tons of online career boards and advisory sites.   Put your information on all the major ones.  Then, make it a regular weekly habit to add at least of couple of smaller niche sites that are more targeted to your desired career.    Be sure to keep track of every site you’re on, and keep all the information there up to date.

Remember also to register with as many direct corporate career sites as possible.  Not all openings are sent out to the major job boards.  If the company checks their own pool first, you just may be lucky enough to find yourself at the front of the line rather than one of hundreds of potential applicants.

Network and Network Some More

Traditional networking is still an important part of any job search plan.  Make sure your name is out there.  And this isn’t just face to face interaction.  Chat boards and forums where you’re doing things other that job search shouldn’t be left unseeded.  You never know when someone will know or have heard of the perfect opportunity you’ve been looking for.  If they don’t know you’re looking, they’re not likely to mention it to you.

Of course, social media is a critical part of networking.   Again, put the word out.  And the premiere social media site for job seekers, LinkedIn, deserves your utmost attention.   In fact, LinkedIn has become such an important part of job search that we’ve done several articles recently on using it.  They are must-reads, and here they are for your convenience:

linkedin profile



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