Love The Gym? How To Make It A Career

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No matter whether it’s the treadmill, an aerobics class, or yoga, you’ve probably noticed that when you’re doing them something interesting happens.  There’s more mental clarity.  Even though you are burning tons of energy, you seem to have more.  And you feel more positive about life in general.   So you’ve had that question pop into your head:  I wonder if I could do this for a living?

You’ve probably noticed that the typical person who’s a fitness trainer has all those attributes you felt, too.  They’re generally a happy bunch.  So what does the path to a career in this broad field look like?  Here are some tips gathered from some of the industry professionals.

Starting Out

The good news is you’ve already started.  You’ve already been doing it and are at least somewhat familiar with the routines.  And, maybe you’ve already been coaching and didn’t even realize it.  You’ve probably had comments or questions from friends or family, and responded enthusiastically about how it would be good for them, too.  You didn’t get paid, but you probably were responsible for putting a person or two into some trainer’s class.

The next step is to get more training and education.  There are many forms of this available, both online and in live settings. Start with basic certification, and then expand to both specializations and a broader knowledge of sports physiology.  Don’t let the words scare you.  It’s mostly an enjoyable journey into understanding the human body and psychology so that you can make a real difference in the lives of those with whom you work.

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As you are learning the ropes and getting training, you’ll want to start expanding your reach – the reach of the brand called “you.”  Assist a successful trainer in their classes.  Build a website (this is a must) and blog about what you’re passionate about.  Learn the basics, and more, about how to extend the reach of your blog and connect with your target audience.

The Grind

As with most things, it’s not like Hollywood.  No, I’m sorry to say the truth is if you build it, they may or may not come.  It takes time to build a following, both in the gym and online.  Don’t fall for the shortcuts, because all too often the only shortcut is the path of your money to the pockets of those who have the claimed instant answers.

Talk to most professionals and you’ll likely hear the same thing.  The early days can be lean, and the hours chaotic and/or long.  But remember, you’re into the world of an entrepreneur, and you’re doing all of this for yourself and your future, not for the boss or CEO.

The Payoff

The biggest payoff is the same as it always is when you’re doing something you love.  Personal satisfaction.  You love going to work, and your happiness and satisfaction are present with you where ever you go.  You delight in seeing the changes in the people you coach and train, both physically and emotionally.

Because you’re building your own business, online and off, the financial rewards are really only limited by your own creativity and efforts.  Those who stick with it through the lean beginning make a comfortable living, with the median annual Personal Trainer salary at $56,021.  Beyond that, if you grow a quality online following, you can make much more.

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The old adage “do what you love and the money will follow” may or may not be true.  But if you’re doing something you’re passionate about, helping others along the way, and making a respectable living,  you’re already rich in the best of ways.



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