Keep Your Phone Going on the Go

The great thing about smartphones is that they can do a lot.  You can surf the net, watch movies, read books and the list goes on.  The bad thing about smartphones is that they can do a lot.  This takes a toll on your battery life.  The old flip-phone could last for about 2 days without having to charge it.  But with the smartphones these days, like the iPhone and the many Android variations, you are lucky if you can get a solid 8 hours of battery life out of it.  Obviously you can plug it in and re-charge but what would you do if  you were on the go and did not have that option?

My trick?  If you have a phone where you can actually remove the battery, buy a spare.  You can often get spare batteries for cheap online or on Ebay.  Charge it up and have it in your bag or purse to swap it out on the go.  If you don’t have that type of phone where you can remove the battery (like on an iPhone for example), get a portable power pack, like this one.  You basically charge it up beforehand either through an outlet or a port on your computer and when your phone is ready to die, just plug it into your phone and it will start the charge.  This particular model can extend your battery for an extra 5 hours of talk time.

What are some of your tricks to keep your phone battery going?

Jessica Williams

Jessica is a Proposal/Marketing Coordinator at a technology consulting company. She also started a blog last year - Tech Biz Gurl. - that focuses on entrepreneurship, technology and women. She loves helping young women navigate through all the latest toys and gadgets in technology for their careers and for fun!

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