Team iPhone?

I have officially joined the ranks of iPhone users.  That is a statement I never thought I would say, especially since I’ve been on Team Android for over three years.   Interestingly enough, I wanted an iPhone when it first came out, but of course I refused to switch from Verizon to AT&T, so in the meantime, I met and fell in love with Android. Through the opinions of others who had an iPhone, I decided that I was good with Android, but I was still curious about the iPhone – especially the 4S with the Siri functionality.  It also occurred to me that only I could determine how I would like the phone and I really needed to test it out.

So considering I was up for an upgrade and keeping in mind, Verizon’s 14-day return policy, I decided to take the plunge.  I was worried though because I wondered if it would be easy to use. I wondered if I would miss the bigger screen (4.3″ versus 3.5″).  I wondered if I would miss the speed (4G versus 3G).

After having the phone for a day, I still had not made up my mind…but fast forward six days later and I am hooked.  Why?  Because of Siri mainly.  I have her to remind me of stuff all the time and I use her to play music that I want to listen versus manually having to find it for myself.  Not to mention, she is quite funny.  It’s a nice change.

It is interesting how many of my friends reacted to my phone change.  They actually asked me who I was, what I had done with Jessica and told me that I had joined the “dark side”.  That just goes to show you that some people tie their identities and yours to a phone choice.  You are either on Team iPhone or Team Android or Team Windows.  This is how the term fanboys is most often used – you can normally tell what phone team they are on.

I say Android has its positives and so does the iPhone.  So I will be on whatever team gives me the best phone experience that I need at the time.  So even though I have an iPhone in my pocket right now, I’m not on Team iPhone.  I’m on Team Phone.

How about you?  What team are you on?  Do you find that your identity is tied to your phone choice?

Jessica Williams

Jessica is a Proposal/Marketing Coordinator at a technology consulting company. She also started a blog last year - Tech Biz Gurl. - that focuses on entrepreneurship, technology and women. She loves helping young women navigate through all the latest toys and gadgets in technology for their careers and for fun!

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