Keeping Stress and Anxiety to a Minimum When Planning Your Wedding

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Planning your wedding doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience if you take the time to think outside of the box when it comes to your big day. There are many people who make the mistake of thinking that they have to plan a wedding the same way that other people do, but that is not the case at all. The following guide walks you through a few tips to use to make your wedding day as stress-free and beautiful as it can be.

Establish a Reasonable Budget

The first thing you need to do is establish a budget for your wedding. There are certain things that are necessities and some that are simply nice to have. If you have a Moissanite  engagement ring, for example, you need to purchase rings that match the moissanite engagement rings that you received from your fiancé.  Sometimes the jeweler will offer a price break if you buy both from them.  But at minimum you’ll have ring price points that are similar.

You also need a venue for the wedding, the reception, and a dress. Establish how much you can afford to spend in total so that you decide how you want to divide the money.

Choose Affordable Favors

When people come to a wedding, it is customary to have gifts to give to the guests when they leave to thank them for coming. Consider avoiding the typical can koozie or picture frame gifts that people have given as favors for years. You can use untraditional items for gifts.

Saplings are great options to give as favors because they are plants that the guests can plant in their yards and think about your special day every time they look at the growing tree. Saplings are often very inexpensive and can be purchased in bulk to save even more money.

Save Money on a DJ

Having great music at your wedding reception is important to ensure that everyone is able to dance and mingle together. If you are having a small wedding reception you may want to consider investing in a portable sound system that you can play music through. You can create a playlist on your phone and play only your favorite songs at the reception. This will save you a lot of money and ensure that nothing inappropriate is played on your big day.

Save Money on the Wedding Cake

Instead of having a huge wedding cake created, consider having multiple cupcakes created. You can have a small cake created for you and your spouse to cut during the cake cutting ceremony. The cupcakes can be made from the same batter and frosting as the cake that you and your spouse cut so that everyone can enjoy the same cake that you get to enjoy. Cupcakes cost much less than a huge cake and can still be decorated in a lovely way.

Save Money on Decorations

If you want to cut costs on your decorations, consider using silk flowers or using the boutiques that your bridal party carries down the aisle as decorations on your tables at the reception. It is not difficult to create beautiful arrangements out of silk flowers and you could even purchase small vases and decorative rocks to fill the bottoms of the vases with at a local dollar store.

Establishing and sticking to your budget will make planning your wedding easier. It is best to create a list to follow so that you do not forget anything and ensure that you always know where you stand when it comes to the budget. It will keep you from going over budget to keep your stress and anxiety at bay.