Dear womens demin makers . . .

how jeans fit

Dear women’s denim makers –

Would it really be so hard to make pants that fit?  This has become an epidemic. Cheap pants, expensive ones- it doesn’t matter.  Every woman I know struggles with how jeans fit nowadays.  And this is universal- tall and skinny, short and fat, average, boxy, hourglass, etc etc.

It’s not like guys’ jeans.  Men can go to any store, look at the size tag, buy them and be done. In and out.  And they fit!  Noooo.  It’s at least a 4 hour excursion for women to get new jeans.  Scouring through every store in the mall , trying on every. last. pair. that are in the three size range of what you usually might wear (except on your fat days, then everything’s uncomfortable anyway).   And you have to try on every pair.  Even if it’s the same brand, different cuts that are labeled the same size still fit different than the last pair.  I even go so far as to try on the same cut of the same brand.  Quality control much?

My one beloved brand, one that was previously made in the US and Canada, moved manufacturing to China a few years ago.  They are the same price, but the quality decreased dramatically.  They aren’t as thick or durable and every pair available has LOTS more stretch.  I fit -comfortably- in two different sizes, depending on, again, the cut.

Then there’s this thing called “vanity sizing”.  Eyeroll! SMH! Facepalm!  It doesn’t make me feel like I’m a smaller size when I try on 5 pairs and they all fit different.  It makes me want to go home and curl up with a tub of ice cream!

How Jeans Fit . . . and Then . . .

Or what about those ones that fit perfectly, feel good, look great… except they make this weird popping noise in the crotch when you walk.  A friend of mine calls them her “fart pants” LOL!

Personally, I’d like to see less stretch in my jeans.  No offense to the jeggings lovers out there, but when I want to wear jeans, I wanna wear jeans.  When I want to wear leggings, I wear those.  I don’t get the hybrid thing,  I think it’s just a marketing ploy.  A way for the manufacturers to go a little cheaper.  I like a little stretch, but if it’s anything less than 97% denim (per the tag) it’s too much stretch.. and more chance of “popping”.

I get there are countless body shapes and sizes out there, but how about just start with standardized sizing?  At least give us a starting point so we don’t have to go through a three size range of 20+ pairs to end up getting one pair, if we’re lucky.

So, jeans people- standardize sizing, make some jeans with less stretch.  Start with that.  Then we’ll work on the other issues later, like bringing manufacturing back to the states.  😉