How-to Land a Job You Will Love

A lot of people hate their jobs – that’s no secret.

There are many reasons why people hate their work:

    • They never really went in the right direction and now in a position that’s unfulfilling
    • They achieved their goals (in college or expertise) but find the position stagnant
    • They have excelled at their work but there is little to no chance of going further
    • They are restricted and confined by their work because they don’t have other options

Some jobs simply suck while others are enough to get you by but when you spend the majority of your life working (whether for someone else or for yourself) you have to begin to wonder if there are any real drawbacks to pursuing what you love.

Sure, there are some hurdles:

  • You may not know all the required skills to obtain a new position
  • You may not know where to begin to create a shift in your career
  • You may not have the financial stability to drop and go

There has to be a fire building up inside you. You have to be the one willing to make the sacrifices. A few hurdles and moments of pain today are forgotten tomorrow when you land a job you love.

The thing is that a job you love may not even be your dream job.

In fact – some would say that it’s a bad idea to chase your dream job. When you finally find yourself in the position you may realize it’s not really your thing. It may pay well and come with many benefits as you have imagined but you’re just as likely to feel the same regret and aggravation as you would holding onto a position you current loathe.

In my personal opinion there needs to be balance.

    • Something that’s going to challenge you
    • Something you love that won’t eventually just become “work”
    • Something that’s difficult to achieve and makes you a better person by trying

The question that is obviously on your mind is “how do I go about landing a job I love?”

It isn’t rocket science and actually quite easy once you’re willing to put in the time and effort, and leverage your contacts, access to information, and trust in your gut feeling.

Consider the following:

Think of signing up for some online IT classes. It will be a good investment in your future.  Online IT courses are in demand and will continue to be so for the forseeable future which is why it’s a viable choice for those interested in technology and want out of their current position they dread. An individual could use services in IT staffing, which will work with you in identifying and landing opportunities with businesses. These types of services can expedite the job hunt and land you in the position you desire.

Telling yourself you’re just another peon at a company really restricts your ability to see that you have built a very valuable network of professionals. Networking is one of the best ways to find jobs, actually, because you have closer connections to those in those industries and positions you seek. Knowing people in the field gets your foot in that door and you can hear real accounts of what to expect so you land a job you love rather than chasing a dream.

Times that you are crafty are times when you can make the right connections. There is a growing demand for business-to-business bartering because owners understand they can exchange products or services without the need for cash. This type of work could lead to an opportunity which allows you to try many different industries. During that time you could make the right connections, just as you would via professional networking, which could lead to a job you love after you’ve entertained the idea and played the role.

So as you can see …

There really is no reason to be consumed by a job that you hate. Yes, it may be frightening knowing the job market may spit you back out but it’s worth the effort considering how many years of your life you will devote to work … and you don’t want it to be fraught with loathing and aggravation.

Tap into those networks. Utilize staffing services. Experiment with your services and skills. You never know what you may find but it’s always worth the shot!

Ms. Career Girl

Ms. Career Girl was started in 2008 to help ambitious young professional women figure out who they are, what they want and how to get it.