7 Steps to Finding Balance Between Work and Your Love Life

life balance

We’ve all seen those movies where the girl loses the guy (or vice versa) because she’s so focused on her career that she can’t give her relationship the attention it needs. That always creates a striking moral dilemma. You’re happy that the character is succeeding in her professional life, but it’s sad that she doesn’t have time for things outside of her career.

If you’re an ambitious career woman, you can probably relate to these romantic stories. You don’t want to give up your career, but you also don’t want to be lonely. Or perhaps you’re ready to get engaged, but you’re not sure how to fit a wedding into your mounting to-do list. How do you find an effective life balance?

Get Your Man on the Same Page

Simple communication between two people is a fundamental step in a happy, healthy relationship. When you’re super involved in your career, communication often goes out the window. But if you want your relationship to work, you have to talk to each other.

Share your concerns about balancing your time with your significant other. Discuss making things work as a couple, and be aware of your end goal. If your relationship isn’t going anywhere, maybe it’s not worth stressing so much over the balance.

Make Time for Each Other—And Really Be There

No matter how busy you are at work, you’ll always have some personal time to share with those you love. Look for opportunities to spend time together, and don’t pass it up. You might not be able to stop the long hours at work, but you can still do a late-night pizza run with your love. Even if you have to take a vacation day to get some quality time in with your partner, it’s definitely worth it in the long run.

life balance

When you do take time for one another, be there completely. Put phones and computers away, and be present in the moment. An hour of totally focusing on your partner can keep a relationship strong for an entire week.

Evaluate Your Priorities

Prioritizing means recognizing where you need to focus most of your attention and where you can let things go a little. If things are stable with your job, it might be worthwhile to slow down and spend some time with your significant other. If you’re worried about maintaining a good reputation at work, and your love life is in a good place, pour a little extra into your job.

The key is clear communication. Make it clear to your partner that they’re a very important part of your life. Do the same for your co-workers and your boss. Then, when you need to work long hours to finish a project for your boss or leave work a little early to help your partner, neither party will take it personally.

Show Unconditional Support

Don’t forget that your partner is probably working hard on his career as well. He’ll also have things that are personally important, and he’ll want your support. While you’re focused on balancing your career and personal life, give adequate attention to your partner’s priorities. If you show unconditional support, you’re more likely to get it in return.

Stay Connected Throughout the Day

A strong relationship will be lurking in the back of your mind throughout the day. It’s not just relegated to drinks or dinner after work. Find opportunities to connect while you’re apart.

This can be as simple as a quick text during your morning coffee run, a sweet phone call on a slow afternoon, or a weekly lunch date. These little moments of connection will deepen your relationship and help you establish more balance.

Balance Your Sacrifices

No relationship works without sacrifice. Your job, in tandem with your significant other, is to figure out where those sacrifices should be made. Recognize that this might mean spending fewer hours in the office or minimizing your travel arrangements.

Also, this is not something that needs to happen immediately. It will take time to recognize your wants and needs. Always be aware of the way your partner has made sacrifices and be willing to work together.

Learn to Apologize and Forgive

Every couple will experience challenges and make mistakes. Remember that your relationship can ground you amidst your stressful career goals, as long as you make a sincere effort to maintain a good footing. Holding grudges and staying angry will only make things more stressful for you.


A successful relationship requires patience, humility, and forgiveness. With this as the foundation, finding balance alongside your career is not just possible, but satisfying.

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