Life is Short–(Don’t) Buy the Shoes

Come on ladies! You can do better!

Sometimes, a Career Girl’s gotta do what a Career Girl’s gotta do.

And, sometimes, you want to do what you have to do…

I suppose it’s that last point that really irks me about the phrase.  It is no more or less thrilling than any other satisfactory experience–even if that ‘experience’ is fulfilling a responsibility.  For example, at this particular moment, my saying would read “Life is short; rock that paper.”  While that certainly isn’t as cutesie or as painless as the original, it is so much more meaningful.

When life is truly as short as the saying implies, wouldn’t you rather spend it responsibly?  That is not to say you never drink champagne or take a fabulous vacation–those things have their virtues.  By ‘responsibly,’ I mean, live your short life in a way that fulfills, not only your immediate desires, but your promises to others and yourself.

Here is the kicker:  it is thrilling to be responsible.  Pick your jaws up off of the floor and proceed to the following example, please.  The thought of being responsible sounds TERRIBLE.  Your six-year-old-self is inches away from smashing that piggy bank, I know.  “IT’S THE SHOES, MOLLY!” you squeal, “HOW CAN I ENJOY MY LIFE WITHOUT BUYING THE SHOES?”  But then, something happens–maybe you rent your first apartment, maybe you pay your first bill, maybe you donate to something you really, truly care about.  All of a sudden, you feel them–the responsibility thrills!  As a newly minted “adult,” for me it’s the combination of validation and satisfaction.  I find myself thinking, “I really can do this!”  For those of you who are still doubtful, I have plenty of fun maybe more than my mother would approve of, and still thoroughly enjoy finishing that paper and writing that rent check.

What gives you the responsibility thrills?

Happy life-making!

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