Travel Like a _______!

Not the only good view on the plane!

I love to travel.

Trains!  Planes!  Cars!  Busses!  I cannot get enough.  Wait, I’m sorry, you want to know where I’ve been?  Well, I have ventured to some corn-filled glamorous locales, but I am not one of those warriors of Instagram who somehow seem to find themselves on a cliff in Mongolia or on the shores of some indescribably beautiful unpopulated beach every other weekend.  I’m not even off to Spain, like this lucky lady.  To clarify, I did not say I love to visit exotic otherlands.  I said I love to travel.  I usually become so overwhelmingly excited before a trip that I end up booking my tickets months in advance with (can you say cheap holiday habits anyone?).  However, I do occasionally get frustrated with my quest for tickets (the trials of non-millionaire!!), and certainly wouldn’t hate it if someone could take care of that for me.  Additionally, while I do not travel for business, I can completely emphasize with those who needed to get where they were going yesterday.

All of that being said, the little mishaps really are worth the overall joy ride, so have a little faith people, and let me fill you in on one of my tips for good-time travelling.


The airport is a surprisingly good place to try out a new look—the huge numbers of people passing by makes you feel quite anonymous.  Plus, any interaction will likely be complimentary (shout out to the stewardess who complimented my coat).

Hello Beautiful!


So try out that crazy mod pattern combo or become that hippy goddess—it’s all up, up, and away from there.

Happy travels!

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