Life begins at 40! 10 things to do before you turn the big 4-0

life begins at 40

40 is often seen as a landmark birthday.

In previous decades those in their forties were seen as approaching middle age and ready to settle down. This is not the case any longer – after all, 40 is seen by some as the new 20. Before you hit this auspicious year, here are 10 things that you might want to put on your ‘to do’ list.

Go on the holiday of your dreams

 Life isn’t just about paying bills and mundane drudgery. You should go on at least one fantastic trip to build memories for the future. If money’s a problem, then get in touch with CarCashPoint and see if you can raise the necessary funds by getting a loan on your car.

Do something for others

According to the online magazine UK Business Insider, something as insignificant as becoming a blood donor should go on your list. This act will cause you no pain and may help save a stranger’s life. That’s no mean achievement.

Drive around a racetrack

 Experience the thrill of driving around a professional track at the wheels of a prestige racing car. Silverstone and other UK circuits offer this wonderful experience and you’ll be able to fulfil your inner Lewis Hamilton during your two-hour session.

Pamper yourself

 Indulge yourself with a trip to a spa. Eat beautiful food, enjoy a massage, and luxuriate in wonderful skin treatments, it’s important to take some time away from everyday life and concentrate on pleasure.

Take time to contact your spiritual self

 In our fast paced lives, it’s sometimes difficult to enjoy a spiritual experience. Whether you find inner serenity within the walls of an English monastery, visiting the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem or even in an ashram in Asia, you’ll feel enriched and ready to continue with the rest of your daily life.

Take up a musical instrument

 You’ll be in good company if you take up a musical instrument. An article in The Guardian reveals how editor, Alan Rusbridger, currently excels at the piano, after rejecting the instrument age 16. Join a local ukulele band if you’re looking for a more portable instrument, or even make a start with a penny whistle.

 Change careers

 If you’re not fulfilled in your work, it may be time to change direction. It’s better to carry out this action before you’re 40, rather than wasting away your years in a soul destroying occupation. High salaries are important, but so is job satisfaction.

Have fun

 Fun is important for a balanced life. If you’ve never been to a festival, then do so. Glastonbury isn’t the only event on the festival calendar, all around the world there are thousands of smaller venues that will appeal to all tastes. Just remember to pack your Wellingtons.

Take time out for reading

 Even if you haven’t read any of the classics since the time you were in full time education, you may be surprised by the pleasure to be gained from reading a good book.

Enjoy a feast

 Michelin starred restaurants may sound over rated, but unless you’ve savoured the gastronomic delights of these eateries, you can’t really comment. Put this experience on your pre 40 wish list.



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