Lifestyles You Need To Avoid When You’re Pregnant

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As a pregnant lady your lifestyle will differ. You will have to take care of things more than you did before. Also, you need to get to know more about prenatal care. Prenatal care is a common term that describes your lifestyle as a pregnant woman, basically the dos and don’ts of pregnancy. Being pregnant can be very stressful and tiring, but it will not be as much if you know what to avoid while you are pregnant.

It is indeed a very difficult thing to grow an entire human being inside your body. That is why you need to keep track of the changes of your baby’s size for both of your health. The baby position at 25 weeks pregnant is known to be the “still not ready for birth” position. The baby’s head is not yet placed downwards. The changes happening during the 25th week of pregnancy will cause some changes to you as well, and that is why you need to be aware of how to take good care of yourself and not only your baby.

Here are some of the things in your lifestyle as a pregnant woman that you need to avoid for you and your baby.

Cut out your caffeine habit

Caffeine is known to increase your blood pressure, heart rate, and urinating rate. Having too much caffeine could cause miscarriage, stillbirth, or poor growth to your baby since it affects your baby’s developing metabolism.

Avoid some medications

You must carefully read the prescription of the medication you are taking before you take it, specially if it is not prescribed by your doctor. Some medications are prohibited for pregnant women as they affect their baby’s growth. Make sure to consult your doctor first before taking any medication as well as read the prescription carefully.

Avoid the sauna and any hot baths

Too much heat or hot water is indeed very relaxing and soothing for your tired pregnant body. However, for your baby it is the complete opposite. “There have been some isolated reports that suggest that congenital abnormalities could form if you’re exposed to things like saunas, Jacuzzis and tanning beds during the first trimester,” as stated by Dr Carter. The point here is that when your body’s temperature increase, your blood pressure decreases, which lowers the blood flow to your baby.

Quit drinking alcohol

It’s one of the rules of thumb that alcohol and pregnancy don’t mix. Alcohol flows from your bloodstream to the placenta and umbilical cord that’s connected to your baby. This flow can harmfully affect your baby’s brain and organs development.

Try to be active but not too active

You must get your body to move frequently every now and then but at the same time get some rest. Not too much movement and not too much rest.

You’re a super mama!

Being a pregnant woman is a heroic task to do. You will get through different phases along the way. What matters the most during this ride is to know how to take good care of yourself. And of the baby you are raising inside your body!



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