Six Reasons to Learn How to Sew


Sewing has made a real comeback in these recent years and it may even be more popular than ever. Both women and men practice it and even kids started showing a bit of interest in it.

From occasional practitioners who consider it a hobby, to full fledged professionals who make a living from it, sewing captures the hearts of many. Obviously, it hasn’t become like that by accident, there are reasons why sewing became so exquisite and loved.

But what are those reasons? If you wanted to start sewing right now and you needed a motive to do so, what would it be? Well let’s find out with these 6 reasons to learn how to sew.

It’s helpful and useful.

Imagine this scenario. You have a really important date in an hour or so and you’re about to put on your favorite dress when suddenly, you notice a tear on it. All your other clothes are in the washing machine, soaking wet, so you can’t wear something else even if you wanted to. A real predicament, isn’t it?

Luckily, you know how to sew your own clothes so you put the dress in front of the sewing machine and you fix it in no time, without leaving any noticeable marks on it. You avoided any potential stress and you didn’t have to go to a date naked. Job well done.

What would’ve you done if you didn’t know how to sew?

It saves you money.

If you decide to create your own outfits with the help of a sewing machine, you’ll be saving a real nice amount of cash. The money you’d spend on three pairs of jeans or trousers would allow you to sew at least double that, if you bought the materials needed for them and created them by yourself.

And if we’re talking about some more serious sewing projects like costumes or classy dresses, you would be saving even more money if you yourself made them. Of course, you would need to invest a bit of money into buying the sewing machine itself but it would pay off really soon.

It can earn you money.

Starting up your own home business that focuses on sewing can turn out to be surprisingly profitable. Small quick fixes and repairs would provide you with a smaller amount of cash but it would also require less time so if you up the pace a bit, you could supply a lot of customers with fast, reliable services, thus piling up a decent income.

Or, if you’re creative enough, persistent enough and unique enough, you might even hit it off extremely well and become a famous fashion designer. Who knows, anything is possible.

It improves your physical and mental capabilities.

Hand eye coordination, hand and finger dexterity, precision and calmness are just some of the positive side effects of sewing. Not to mention the fact that it teaches you about patience, persistence and ingenuity without you even noticing it. Tasks like embroidery or applique require these traits so they steadily but surely awake them in you.

Sewing allows you to demonstrate your creativity and uniqueness.

It’s not uncommon to see two persons on the street wearing the same kind of shirt, skirt or any other type of apparel. Manufacturers and stores create and sell them in bulk after all so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this happens.

Not when you sew your own clothes though, this can’t happen at all. What you invent and make, is only yours and no one can imagine the exact same thing at the same time. Which means you’ll be unique wherever you go, whenever you go.

This guest post was authored by Helen Spencer

Helen Spencer is the editor of Hello Sewing, a blog providing honest sewing
tips and sewing machine advice. She loves all things DIY- crafts, drawing,
decorating, making beautiful things out of scratch with her own hands and
above all – she simply loves sewing! You can catch up with her on Twitter,
Facebook or Pinterest.

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