Looking For A New Winter Bag? Here’s The Top Six Brands

Changing seasons mean it’s time to make changes to your wardrobe.   It’s time to get out all your favorite winter outfits, accessories, and shoes.  And of course, a great excuse to do a little shopping for something new!

Handbags are a great way to spice up or just change the look of an outfit.  Especially if they’re a designer bag, that anyone with even the slightest eye for fashion can spot at just a glance. For that reason, the designer bag has become very popular and many women  purchase these bags to add to their fashion wardrobe.

If you are also a bag lover, check out the most influential brands from which you can choose.  And after this brief review of the best bags available, you’ll want to check out the handbag selection  that will give  you the chance to pick  the best branded designer bag at the most discounted rates.

Top 6 designer bag brands

Louis Vuitton:

A brand which speaks nothing but quality. They have a wide collection of handbags, shoulder bags, leather bags and backpacks. Started operations in the fashion capital of the world, Paris, you can carry and flaunt a Louis Vuitton bag in style for your evening parties, and travel tips.


A $7.3 billion dollar company, Chanel offers a wide variety of bags for women. The black beauty Chanel purse is a must for every woman. You can purchase its bags from Chanel direct stores or the company’s website.

Hermes Kelly:

At Hermes Kelly, they pay close attention to detail for each and every bag they produce. Popular for their leather collection of handbags, the Hermes Kelly is a favourite of many celebrities and they flaunt them at star celebrations as well. If you are fond of designer leather handbags, a Hermes Kelly is a must.

Chloe Drew:

Chloe Drew offers cute and mini purses in distinct shades and colours. Again a collection of premium leather range, the Chloe Drew offers a lot more to its customers than just style. Their premium style of saddle bag is the very first choice of most women. Make a pick of your favourite colour of Chloe saddle bag and go out for your date with that special someone.


Founded in the year 1921, this Italian brand speaks of nothing but luxury. Since their approach towards fashion is completely modern, Gucci bags can be your partner in style during special evenings or casual settings. They offer a wide variety of handbags for women. The drawstring backpacks offered by Gucci are also great for teenagers.

Fendi Baguette:

If evening cocktail or dinner parties are in your plan, then Fendi Baguette bags will do justice for you. They are available in different styles, sizes, shades and colours. Fendi Baguette bags speak class for every women who carries these bags.

Whatever your preference may be, you’ll want to put one (or more!) of these bags on your holiday shopping list.  And if you just can’t wait, you’ll love the sale offers that are available right now.