Make Your Wedding Venue One-Of-A-Kind

You want this wedding venue you have booked to be completely different to all those who have gotten married in it before. Even if you have chosen one of the most popular wedding venues in your local area, you can still personalize it to become completely unique to you.

A great deal of personalization will be down to the decorations you use and the ambience you set for your wedding day. It will be in the smaller details that make up the big day for you and your guests.

Firstly, you need to find the perfect space. If you are still on the lookout, Brighton Savoy offers you unique wedding venues in Melbourne and offers wide scope for personalization.

To give your wedding that extra special touch that ties it uniquely to you both as a couple, read some of these ideas to get your mind ticking.

Think about props:

This can be completely tied into your theme. If you are going vintage then you will want to make sure your table decorations and other elements all relate to this theme and feel. For example, if you are going for all-out glitz and glamour then adding glittery confetti on tables with jewel encrusted table-settings may be the way to go.


Table settings and decorations within your venue can be the ultimate differentiator for your wedding. This is your chance to completely personalize and even design from scratch how you want your wedding to look visually.


Remember to keep it fun for guests:

Hiring out cool things to keep guests happy such as fun photo booths, bouncy castles, ice cream vans and more can bring the atmosphere to life. These elements can just add an extra element of fun and help to give your wedding that unique wow factor.

Consider unique entertainment.

Everyone has a wedding band but not everyone has a karaoke wedding band in which guests can come on stage and sing their favourite songs whilst everyone dances. It’s worth gathering some different ideas for entertainment on the night. Having a soothing harpist whilst everyone eats and a DJ for the evening can help add variety and contrast to your celebration.

Make the colour scheme unique:

The bridesmaid and usher outfits will also set your wedding apart from others. The unique colour schemes or patterns used can help bring out your personality.

wedding venue

Think about how you can make the aisle unique.

Coming down the aisle is a moment you can add to. Shop around for creative aisle runners to see whether anything suits your preferences.

The menu:

Food and drink options can also help make your wedding venue that little bit different. Certain venues may provide a particular type of cuisine but if you’re looking after your own catering the world is your oyster.

Considering these elements when personalizing your chosen venue can go a long way in making it as unique as possible.

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