The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Savings

We all want to save money wherever possible. Whether you are saving for a house deposit, or just want to take that dream holiday, it can be hard to find ways to cut back. It doesn’t always have to be difficult, and there are some easy ways you can make changes to increase your money. All it takes is a few changes, as we can reveal below.
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Bring your own lunch to work.

Ok, so this might seem like an obvious tip, but it really can make a massive difference to your bank balance. By taking a healthy meal and some snacks from home, you’re not going to be tempted to spend money on an expensive shop-bought lunch. It could also help your waistline too as you’ll know exactly what’s in your food. If the average meal deal is around £4, then that’s £20 a week saved straight away.


Sort out your finances.

If your credit card repayments aren’t making a dent in the balance, then it could be time to look at an interest-free balance transfer deal. This can make paying off credit card debt a lot easier as you are stopping any additional interest going on the balance, meaning you’ll clear your debt sooner. Just make sure you don’t spend any more on the new card as the chances are that new purchases will incur interest.


Remortgage for a better deal.

You could save thousands by switching your mortgage to a cheaper rate. It pays to revisit your mortgage deal after the end of every deal you sign up to. Just remember to make sure there aren’t any fees for switching, or at least factor those in when looking to switch.


Set up a spreadsheet.

This is a great way of keeping on top of your household budget. If you can see where every single penny is going, it can help you to see where you can make cutbacks. You can also start shopping around for better deals on your energy, phone provider and the internet. These savings all add up.


Use loyalty cards.

Having loyalty cards for shops you use a lot can be rewarding over the long term. You get points every time you shop with them, and they can soon add up. You get vouchers which you can use for money off your next shop, or you can change some of them for other things such as days out and meals in certain restaurants. It feels great knowing that you have a free day out just because you use a loyalty card.


Always ask “do I need this?”

It can be tempting to buy something just because it’s cheap or in the sale, but always ask if you are going to need it. Chances are, if it’s not something you intended to buy, you won’t need it. By always taking the time to consider a purchase, you’ll save money on impulse buying. That way, you can save you money for what you need.


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