Making Money Online: An Entrepreneur’s Guide

making money online

Over the past decade, the Internet has made millionaires from people who use the technology wisely. Justin Bieber wouldn’t be where he is without YouTube. It’s difficult to predict where the Kardashians would be without social media. And even smaller entrepreneurs – like bloggers, influencers, and online marketers – have used the Internet to their advantage. This guide is about what you can learn from these successful individuals – about making money online in 2020 and into 2021.

Your Skills

Part of the reason that some individuals are able to make much cash online is that they marry their existing skills with the technologies available in the digital age. To give you one example: an individual with excellent networking skills will use LinkedIn to make contacts that might eventually offer them work on a consultant or freelance basis. If you’re a makeup stylist, Instagram will be your platform; a singer, and YouTube and SoundCloud might be more appropriate. Use the right technology to help you boost your exposure and get that big break that’ll make you cash online.

Quick Boosts

There are several ways that you can earn money online. One of them is using legitimate survey sites, where you’ll fill in consumer surveys that will pay you per completed form. Over time, you can amass an impressive amount of tokens, which you’ll then exchange for cash. Elsewhere, you’ll be able to make cash online by sharing videos on YouTube – those that get a certain number of views will begin paying you for part of the advertising revenue that you’re generating. And promoting the work of others, if you have a large social media platform, can also pay incredibly well, as we’ll see in the next tip.


This is the word of the moment online world. In particular, the rise of Instagram has spawned many celebrities with several thousand followers. The top influencers of course have millions of followers. When you reach a certain level of fame on these platforms – and they now include SnapChat and TikTok – you’ll find yourself asked to promote certain products for certain brands. The brands will ask you to feature their products in your image, and will pay you handsomely for doing so.


A final way to make cash online is through blogging. It doesn’t matter if you’re a great writer or if you’re just starting out with taking photos and narrating your life online: if it gets popular, your blog will earn you cash. Blogs earn cash through selling advertising space, and through different marketing techniques like affiliate marketing, which you’ll be able to promote on your page. Use blogging as a hobby and a potential income source, and work hard to have your posts and your point of view read by the billions of people who log in to the Internet each and every day.

These four tips will help you earn extra money online, without having to sign up to work with a business or agency.