Starting A Career In The Medical World

career in the medical world

After a tough year; many of us are sadly looking for a fresh start in a new career. Whether you lost your job due to the pandemic or you are simply sick and tired of the same old thing every day, now is the time to make a change and choose a career that is rewarding and fulfilling. 

A career in the medical industry can mean a lot of things: from a doctor to a dentist you’ll be able to be involved in the care of people and animals during your career and it will be a role that will make you feel proud every day. 

Today we are going to talk a little more about the medical world and how you can look to join this vocation this year.

Consider your options 

As we stated above, the medical industry is a very broad field and covers a lot of different types of roles. There are the most common and popular roles such as a doctor, nurse, and midwife: but there are also plenty of other roles you can consider taking on: 

  • Phlebologist 
  • Radiologist 
  • Pharmacist 
  • Vet
  • Dentist 
  • Pediatrician 
  • Psychologist 

Choosing a career in the medical field may take some time, and it is important for you to research all of the different sorts of roles you could become involved in. It is likely that the role that is made for you is one you haven’t even heard of yet! 

Research the industry 

The medical industry is one of the biggest in the world. Trading in the care of living things, those who work in this industry work tirelessly every day to make a difference in the world. Before you start thinking of a medical career it would be helpful to see which roles are in deficit. It is often that the world is crying out for doctors and nurses, and there may be other roles in dire need to be filled. Choose your role carefully and consider the demand and how easy it will be for you to find a role. 

Understand the skills required 

There are a lot of things to consider when taking a job in the medical industry. Many skills are required for this job and you must possess the right traits to truly thrive in this environment. 

Empathy – the first and one of the most important traits to possess in the medical world is empathy. When people come to you for help, they are in a vulnerable state and are trusting you to help them. You must show that you are able to do this and be mature about their issues, no matter what they are. Being able to put yourself in their shoes will help you to understand the toll an issue might take on someone’s life; and will better help you to treat them. 

Academic prowess – science is the main part of medicine, and you cannot hope to become a medical worker if you can’t understand the science. Biology and Chemistry can both be complex subjects, and if you have an academic mind you should be able to delve right in and understand not only the whats, but the hows and the whys. 

An analytical eye – diagnosing a patient is a skill you will hone over the years working in the medical industry, and it is a skill that may take time to master. Many illnesses have the same sorts of symptoms, so the ability to be analytical and choose tests to perform to narrow down the pool is a crucial thing. Once you have an analytical mind you’ll make a wonderful medical professional. 

Authority – there is a large part of being a doctor or medical worker that involves making tough decisions and telling it straight to the patient and their family. These parts of the job are difficult and you may get into disagreements with rowdier patients and families who don’t want to take your advice. It is here that an assertive personality needs to come out. You need to garner respect from people around you and show them that you are in charge; you know what you are doing; and they should listen. 

Patience – patience is a virtue, and when it comes to working in the medical industry there are many opinionated people you are up against. You’ll have to be patient when people are shouting your way and be sure to stay calm. 

Apply for online courses 

There are many ways to take a degree for medicine, and online courses have become a great resource for many. Take a look at the Open University for courses in science and medicine and see what you can do this year. Studying for a medical role is intensive and will take time, but once you put the effort it you’ll be rewarded with an amazing role at the end of it. 

Practice for interviews 

Studying and qualifying for a medical profession is a huge step; but there are still hurdles to jump after this! Even after you have qualified for a role, you still need to get through the interview stage and prove your worth. Medical interviews can be very stressful and it is important for you to prepare and practice before you go in. Be sure to talk about your skills both academically and physically, and show that you have a real passion for helping people or animals. Be confident in your interview and show them that you are the best possible person for the role. 

Suit up 

One of the most important parts of working in the medical industry is the equipment and information. You will need to get yourself some scrubs such as the grey’s anatomy scrubs from Uniform Advantage, a stethoscope, gloves, goggles, and a face mask. When sourcing your uniform and equipment it is very important to choose the best stores and ones which are approved by your medical practice or hospital. When it comes to footwear, be sure to wear flat shoes which cover the whole foot and protect them from chemicals and sharp objects that may fall or spill. 

Carry on learning 

Even once you have brought yourself into the medical industry there are still so many things for you to learn. Our understanding of the human body and animal bodies is constantly changing and growing, and this allows us to improve our ability to treat patients over time and ensure that they get the best of their treatments. As you continue to work at your job, stay in the loop of new discoveries. You can do this by subscribing to magazines from your industry or searching the internet to learn more. The more you understand of the body and its processes the better you will be able to serve patients. 

Learn how to switch off 

It can be difficult in a profession such as medicine to switch off your brain at the end of a long shift. Medicine is an intense industry and you’ll often be working unsociable hours and long shifts which tire you out. It is important to remember that after your work day ends you should take the time to wind down and look after your own body and mental health. We know it can be difficult to switch off, but make a conscious effort to not think about work when you get home. The more time you give your body and brain to relax, the better you will feel the next day. 


To carry on from the lash point – self care is an absolute must for you if you work in medicine. On days off or after a shift, take some time off to watch your favourite movies, give yourself a facial treatment, and enjoy the company of your family. Caring for yourself as well as others is important because if you fall down physically or mentally you won’t be good for anyone! 

Start meal prepping 

Once you start a job in the medical industry you’ll need to start preparing healthy meals to take to work with you. We know how easy it can be to pick up a sandwich and salty snack from the vending machines at work, but you need some nutrition to keep you happy and healthy throughout your shift. This is why prepping meals such as teriyaki chicken with rice and vegetables, salmon pasta salad, grilled halloumi sandwiches and more are important. Take some inspiration online and start preparing simple and cheap meals for the week ahead, to ensure you always have the nutrition you need to keep you strong. 

Get some sleep! 

Sleep is a process too many of us take for granted, but if you are working as a medical professional, you need enough sleep so you don’t make a fatal mistake. Consider switching off the TV an hour before you go to sleep, and turn down the lights to a soft glow. Wind down naturally and go to sleep a little earlier for a healthy night’s sleep. 

If you want a career that is rewarding, offers a great wage, and changes lives – become a medical professional!