Making Your Student Room Feel Like Home

If you’re starting university this year and you’re preparing to move to a student house or halls of residence, you may be looking for ways to make your room feel homely. After all, moving out of your bedroom at home can be a daunting thought, so it’s important to decorate your room in a way that makes you feel comfortable and at ease! The Rug Seller gives some advice on how to make your student housing feel just like home.

Rearrange the furniture

Sometimes there is room to move around the furniture so it makes the most of the space you have. Student rooms are notorious for being smaller than you expect, so if you feel like you want to move the bed or the desk, then feel free!

Depending on where the doors and windows are, you may be happier with your bed in a different position. Likewise, if you’ve brought any of your own furniture to add, then that will only add to the homely feel of the room!

Likewise, you should put your own touch on the décor of the room. You might not be allowed to permanently change the walls or floor, but you can add little extras that make the room feel more inviting. Liven up the walls of your room and put photos on the wall of your friends and family.

Make your student housing room feel cozy

Make a few changes to your room so that it’s relaxing to sit in, instead of an unfamiliar and uncomfortable place. Hanging fairly lights around your bed frame or even around the mirror in your room can transform your room into a cosy den for you to unwind after a day at university.

Keeping your room smelling nice can make a big difference too. Candles, diffusers or plug ins can make sure your student room feels like home; but be careful of where you leave your candles!

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