Making your home ready for summer

home ready for summer

Summer is coming and you want to be happy where home is. Summer is a great opportunity to turn your home into a hub that harnesses the power of the sun by lighting up rooms and creating an inviting outdoor living space. This article will cover a few ways to get your home ready for summer.

Adapting furniture

You won’t want to replace all of your key furniture just for the sake of summer, but there are certainly some things worth considering. For example, in the summer, we are a lot more likely to host friends and family, and the garden is usually the place people will want to be. With more seating required in the summer, you will want bar stools,  armchairs, and other seats that can work in both summer and winter; perhaps lighter ones that can be moved around, and look great in the sun.

This logic of versatility extends to other areas too. Even things such as tv cabinets can be more versatile than you think. For example, perhaps there is a space to place a TV for the garden to be the viewing area – given that the Euros and other sports are on. Something that can be moved around easily without scratching the floor would be a bonus too, or you could simply have a second dedicated stand that transforms into a picture frame space when not being used for TV.

Likewise, weather-proof furniture is also worth keeping in mind – something that looks great in summer but can sustain the rainy, windy winters. Cast aluminum is worth keeping in mind for this double role.


Many plants flourish in the summer, so it’s a great time to decorate your home with them. What we want to try and achieve in the home is less of a demarcation between outside and inside, because the summer temperature means we do not have to keep these areas so separated (unless it’s extremely hot where you live). Placing plants around in areas like the kitchen and conservatory can achieve this flow from outdoor to in.

Of course, you can have a lot of fun with outdoor plants too, such as a ladder planter, where you take a wooden ladder (or build one from pallet wood) and place plants all the way up.

Get your summer gear out and cleaned

You likely already own plenty of summer stuff too! Now is the time to give that BBQ a deep clean scrub so it will be ready for its first use if you haven’t already. You’ll also want to consider trimming your trees, grass, and other garden maintenance ready for hosting guests. It may also be time to wash your rusty weightlifting plates as you prepare for some lovely outdoor working out too!

Getting a home summer-ready doesn’t have to be expensive. Things such as adapting furniture are only something that needs to happen once, as it will be useful for both future summers and winters. Likewise, plants last a long time when looked after, and you should consider reusing old plant pots or using free, newer alternatives.