The Many Benefits of Being a Surrogate

Medical advances and improved technology have given us more ways to start a family than any other point in history. In addition to natural conception and adoption, couples now have the option of using artificial insemination, hormone therapy and surrogacy.

The last option is unique in that it requires another person be involved in the process. Surrogate mothers take on the role of carrying a baby to term and giving birth when it isn’t a possibility for a couple. It’s something that few women will ever experience, but no surrogate ever forgets. There’s a lot to be said about the compensation involved, but for most women surrogacy offers even bigger rewards.

Becoming Part of a Family

There’s no greater reward than knowing you are helping a family add another member to their brood. Being a surrogate means you share a special bond with another couple for the rest of your life. You immediately gain a whole new family the moment the pregnancy is confirmed.

Being Well Compensated

It’s understandable that a woman would want to ask how much does a surrogate make. Being pregnant necessitates a complete lifestyle change. You’ll have to be careful of what you eat, your physical activity and your general health. You may also have to put up with morning sickness, edema and heartburn among other unpleasant side effects.

All of the discomfort and inconveniences are taken into consideration when compensation is determined. Typically, women can expect to get up to $50,000 for carrying the child. However, if there are multiples (twins, triplets) or a C-section is required the pay would likely be increased.

Free Healthcare


Another important perk of being a surrogate is free healthcare. Now that health insurance is mandatory, it can easily cost a woman within childbearing age $200+ a month in many states. You can save money and take advantage of free healthcare while you’re pregnant as a surrogate.

Can Spend Time on a Passion, Pursuit or Family of Your Own

Because you are being compensated for your surrogate service, you have the choice to work a regular job or take time off. This can give you the opportunity to start a new career, advance your education, pursue a passion or spend more time with your family. In other words, you get the freedom to spend the time however you want.

Reduced Risk of Cancer

A wide body of studies has shown there is a link between reduced breast cancer risks and pregnancy. The more times a woman gives birth the lower her chance of getting breast cancer becomes.

It’s also been shown that breastfeeding (or breast pumping) for at least a year can decrease a woman’s chances of both hormone receptor-negative and hormone receptor-positive breast cancer. Most surrogacy programs also offer weekly payments for mothers that choose to pump milk for their surrogate baby.

You’ll Get to Connect With Other Surrogates

A special bond also forms between surrogates. Some surrogacy agencies offer pregnancy wellness programs and retreats that give mothers a chance to interact with one another. Being able to connect with someone else who is going through the unique experience is hugely beneficial.

Beneficial Side Effects


Not all of the side effects of being pregnant are difficult to deal with. We see movies where women are plagued by morning sickness and puffy heels, but rarely do they mention you’ll probably feel a little more attractive. As the pregnancy progresses you may notice:

  • ·  Your hair is getting thicker and more luscious. This happens because hair doesn’t shed as fast.
  • ·  Your skin will likely glow. This is because your body is producing 50% more blood than normal.
  • ·  Your bust will grow larger. Early on in the pregnancy breasts swell as milk glands get bigger. Many women increase a full cup size in the first six weeks.

All of these benefits cost mega bucks at salons, dermatologist offices and plastic surgery centers.

You’ll Be in Awe of What Your Body Can Do

Don’t be surprised if you gain a little more self-confidence about your body during the pregnancy. It’s amazing how the female form changes to accommodate for the baby. You’ll catch yourself in moments of amazement at the fact you’re supporting another life force. And as difficult as labor is, once it’s done you’ll have more respect for the power of your body and what it can handle.

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