Favorite Chicago Restaurants – At YOUR Door!

It ‘s 10:30, and you’re starting to think about lunch.  You’d love to go out for one of your favorite meals, but there’s too much work on your desk.  There’s no way you can escape for leisurely and yummy food.  And trying to find a reasonable and reliable delivery service that has what you’re craving is a pain.  What to do?  Take heart, foodies, our techie world has an answer.

Think PriceLine or Expedia for Restaurants

You’ve been using popular websites to book travel for years.  You get to plan your trip just the way you want it, shop and compare lodging and transportation, and get the best deal possible on your terms.  Chicago entrepreneur Mike DiBenedetto took those tried and tested concepts and applied them to something we all love to do every week.  Foodie heaven has arrived!

Now, you can use his website www.gobootler.com in the same way.  Plan your meal just the way you want it (including alcohol, for those over 21), shop and compare who offers it, and get the best deal possible on your meal delivered right to your door.  But don’t let doors stop you.  Hey, why not lunch in the park just down the street?  I’m lovin’ this soooo much!

Here’s how it works:


Chicago Rocks

GoBootler was started in Chicago, of course.  With world-famous deep-dish pizza, the classic Chicago-style hot dog and the Italian Beef, it’s a natural.  But Mike is expanding to New York later this year, so heads up Big Apple peeps, you’ll have this awesome service in your hood soon.  After that, well, food is an American pastime.  So it’s going to be popping up all over.

Right now, GoBootler is getting  100,000 visitors per month and has  2,000 people daily ordering from their service.  And as a special to Ms Career Girl readers, they’re offering some special promos.  Here they are:

Coupon Codes:

  • Use “Saucey” to receive $10 off your alcohol order
  • Use “Bootler” to receive $10 off your food order from Postmates

Say goodbye to sack lunches!   Order delivery food from Bootler and kick the bag!


Image: Chicago Dogs jeffreyw



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