Marne Platt – A Real Ms Career Girl, Author, and Entrepreneur

Here at Ms Career Girl, we’ve been honored to have Marne Platt be one of our columnists.  Marne has been sharing her wisdom twice each month since the Summer of 2016.  While creating one article twice a month may not sound like a lot, let me assure you it is.  When you place that as an “extra” on top of all the other obligations and engagements of a working woman, it takes a level of dedication that most don’t appreciate.  And she hasn’t missed a beat.

On top of the 35 or so articles she’s written for Ms Career Girl, Marne also published a book, “Living Singlish,”  That’s one you should pick up and maybe stick in your purse as a go-to big sister.  As one review said, it’s a –

“fantastic guide to cultivating the habits and mindsets that lead to living a fabulous Singlish life. Platt walks young women, whether single by chance or by choice, through the process of self-discovery and empowerment she went through on her own journey.”

Be sure to read her article published today in which she shares a bit more of that sisterly wisdom.

As for her contributions to Ms Career Girl, here’s a few of my favorites that are worth a look if you haven’t seen them.  Or a second look if you have!

Marne Platt Favorites

Are You Using Your Network Correctly?

Always important in our connected world,  networking isn’t an option any more.  If you want to make real progress in your career, it’s critical and Marne gives some great tips for using yours wisely, or getting started if you’re not.

Five Things I Learned From Horses

Whether you’re an animal lover or not, there’s no doubt that we can learn from them.  I’m pretty sure that you’ll want to spend some therapy time with your favorite critter after reading this one.  Who know?  Maybe it’ll spark the inspiration in you to write that book you’ve been wanting to start!

Be Kind To Yourself

We’re all guilty of being a little hard on ourselves.  That might be okay from time to time to keep us on our game.  But you’ve got to remember that being kind, as with so many things, starts at home.  If you’ve been feeling a little trashed by none other than yourself, give this one a read.

Overcoming Office Politics – Tame The Animals!

It’s probably no secret to you that politics and political opinions have gone viral in the last year.  If you’re in a workplace setting, that can evolve into something very unproductive quickly.  When that happens, everyone loses.  Here’s a look at ways to handle and defuse it.

Three Ways You Can Help Close The Gender Pay Gap

It’s pretty maddening to think that men with the same qualifications and experience as you are getting paid more.  The disparities won’t disappear unless all of us stand up to it.  Take a look at Marne’s thoughts on what you can do to make things change.

More Marne!

Here’s a link to all of Marne Platt’s posts.  Enjoy!

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