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Bring children closer to their superhero with film merchandise

Taking children to the cinema is part and parcel of parents bonding with their son or daughter and allowing them to enjoy the fun-packed story that is commonly associated with films targeted towards the younger generation. Children’s films can have a powerful effect on a young audience as they not only contain characters who they can relate with, but the film itself provides a story that contains numerous morals and life lessons. Directors also understand the necessity for certain genres of film to focus on a role model or superhero character that saves the day or overcomes a certain level of adversity.

Comic book movies are a prime example of box office screenings that are perfect for the whole family to enjoy; parents can savour the action scenes, while children and young teenagers take homage from a superhero using their powers for good and saving the day. The Marvel series contains the most famous superheroes in American comic history, with characters such as Iron Man, Captain America and Wolverine recreated within their own box office hits, and together as a collective force in the Avengers movies. A considerable component of the Marvel series’ success is the launch of official merchandise which allows young fans to further extend their preference for a particular superhero and be closer to their role model. Parents can play an integral role in purchasing products that carry on their child’s passion for comic book films and their superheroes.



Although Marvel fans can buy every film in the series on DVD or Blu-Ray, it barely scratches the surface of the considerable depth of film merchandise that is available on the market for consumers to own. The success enjoyed by a film series, particularly Marvel and its individual spin-offs, helps to produce merchandise that can almost create as much revenue for the brand as the movies themselves. Parents can allow their children to play the role of their favourite superhero by buying official costumes which look identical in appearance to what famous actors wear in the movies. It creates a wonderful world of opportunity for children to re-enact their favourite moments from the movies, and also create their own heroic moments in the house or garden. More importantly, it allows children to feel important and enjoy psychological power that makes buying a costume value for money.



As a part of everyday life at school, children enjoy a healthy lunch in to provide their body and mind with adequate fuel to be productive throughout the rest of the day. While most schools provide their pupils with freshly prepared meals on the premises, parents have the option to make packed lunches for their children to take to school and enjoy. Lunchboxes are the best products for children to take their lunch to school and keep items, such as sandwiches, fresh. Official Marvel lunchboxes are available in a range of colours, with a plethora of superheroes and their famous logo emblazoned over the front and back. It not only promotes the Marvel film series in public and within the presence of a popular core demographic, but also allows children to illustrate their interest and fondness in a particular superhero or film series.

Slot machines

The superhero image created within popular culture by Stan Lee has been the predominate force behind the emergence of movie paraphernalia and, more recently, a transition from the big screen to slot machine. report “Sports Interaction, in particular, have been hot on using the superhero image in their online slots games, with a full range comprising our beloved Stan Lee favourites such as Captain America, Hulk and Iron Man” (Cited from – machines can be valued as a perfect marketing tool for films to thrive upon as it not only further represents a film within the public domain, but also enhances brand recognition that could result in more people becoming a fan of the Marvel comic film series. Irrespective of age, people can always relate to superheroes during their childhood which creates a greater fascination and pull to play slot machine games that feature their favourite comic book heroes.



Every child’s bedroom should depict their own personal interests and hobbies to ensure they have a room they can enjoy playing in and sleeping peacefully in. Film merchandise does include toys and figurines for children to re-enact their own movie scenes with their favourite superheroes using their creative minds. While the Marvel merchandise range also covers curtains, blanket covers and pillow cases, putting up Marvel wallpaper can be the perfect way for parents to create the perfect bedroom for their child. Wallpaper is instantly noticeable upon walking into a room, with Marvel merchandise covering every hero from Captain America to Iron Man to instantly captivate a child and allow them to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

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