Must-read Picks For Spring

must-read picks for spring

There are roughly 2,700 books published every day. Sometimes, I feel like all of them are piling up on my desk awaiting a review. As editor for Ms Career Girl, I’m targeted by publicists, PR firms, and authors to recommend or at least spread the word about their newest book. So I get to pick and choose the ones that sound most interesting.

It was a long covid winter, and if you’re ready to change up your energy and create something new in the coming summer, here’s my must-read picks for spring reading that I think you’ll love. I did!

Tiny Little Boxes by Christina Dylag

Confession: This little jewel sat on my desktop at the top of the reading queue for a good six weeks. Even though drawn to the catchy title, I was dreading reading it for fear it was just another know-it-all would-be guru claiming to know how to solve all my problems (good luck with that!).

It was with a sigh that I gave in to my inner slave driver’s insisting that I had to do it. Five hours later, I was still curled up on the couch devouring every word. And then finished it the next (late) night.

Christina’s got a magical way of cooking down all the mass and mess of decades of self-help, new age, and mysticism into something fresh and relatable. Her irreverent writing style not only provokes thoughtful questioning of a lifetime of social and personal mores. You’ll also have plenty of LOL moments.

As a personal bonus, Christina happens to live not far from me. So I managed to connect with her over coffee one morning and get to do what I love – get a personal sense of someone’s energy and who they really are. When you’re reading this definite little keeper of a book, be assured that she is just as genuine, quirky, funny, and badass as you might imagine.

If you don’t read anything else this year, this should be the one you do.

spring reads

A Woman’s Guide To Claiming Space by Eliza VanCort

If you haven’t figured it out by some of the articles I’ve written, I’m an avowed feminist. And it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the past few years has amplified and focused that into a sometimes confrontational persona. I’ve made a few missteps (havn’t you?), and am first to admit that I’m still a work in progress. Surely, I am open to refining my (sometimes) militant feminist bitch image. That made it easy to choose this one for review.

Imagine a charm school guidebook for women who have a voice, determination, and will-not-be-stopped attitude. That’s my one line take on A Woman’s Guide to Claiming Space. Doing life your way with the perfect dose of finesse.

Tired of the physical, emotional, and social jail that women have been held hostage in by hundreds of years of patriarchal repression? Ready to claim your space, but want to wield your sword with a degree of elegance that elicits respect rather than resistance? This book’s for you.

It’s due out in mid May. But you can pre-order and get your copy as soon as it’s released. Right after you read Tiny Little Boxes! How convenient!

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