New Job; Week One: Coping With Your Nerves

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When you finally land a job, you’re at the end of the road. No longer are you a job hunter, hoping and waiting for the phone call that might transform your future. Now you’re a new employee and the journey up your career ladder is able to continue in this new adventure.

It’s pretty terrifying though, isn’t it?

No matter how much you want a job and have longed for it, there’s a certain security in working for the same company for years. You know how things are done, you’re part of the furniture. When you uproot yourself from that for a new opportunity, you can overwhelmingly begin to feel like a fish out of water.

As a result, the first week of your new job will probably involve a large dose of nerves. While you know you will settle in time, for those first five days, it can feel like you’re undergoing a special kind of torture. If you want to make this transition period easier on yourself, then here are a few ideas to allow you to do just that.

Ask For Help

It’s not easy; we’ll say that first and foremost. It’s embarrassing to have to ask how the photocopier works or where the restrooms are; it feels like you’re exposing yourself as a newbie, complete with flashing sign over your head. However, asking is the single best way to learn the things you need to know.

Sure, it’s embarrassing, but isn’t it more embarrassing to try and guess – then make a terrible mistake? Be upfront when you’re struggling, and it should make your nerves easier to cope with. You no longer have to worry about not knowing how to do anything, which in turn makes you more comfortable.

Be Ready For The Transition

When we’re stressed, we all have a tendency to turn to bad habits to sustain us. Your first week at a new job can quickly be peppered by the worst fast food imaginable, a return to your smoking habit, and more than a few calming glasses of wine. That’s all well and good as a coping mechanism, but after an entire week of bad behavior, you’re going to be feeling far from being competent at your job.

Therefore, the weekend before you begin, get to shopping and cooking. Prepare a few meals in advance so you can freeze them for the week ahead, so all you need to worry about is heating it up.  As for the alcohol, save that for the end of the week; no one wants to appear hungover during their first week on a new job.


Even if it’s only for a few minutes while you’re sitting in the restroom; give yourself the time to collect your thoughts and relax for a moment. Take some deep breaths until you feel more ordered, then head back into the fray. It’s not a huge problem-solver, but it should help you feel more capable of getting through the day.


The first week is tough, but remember: one day you will look back on that first week and wonder how you were ever nervous about it!


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