New Safety Features Help Reduce Trampoline Injuries


In today’s technology-driven world, it is hard to keep young ones active and engaged in outdoor play. With tablets, laptops and gaming systems available to keep kids entertained, it is more important than ever to find exciting clever ways to help your children get up and move. That’s why investing in a trampoline is such a great way to engage children and to remind them of the excitement of outdoor play. However, it’s important to invest in the right trampoline for your child and that’s what a great trampoline is, an investment in your children’s healthier future.

When purchasing a backyard trampoline, there are a number of important considerations to be made. Traditional trampoline models, for example, have exposed metal frames and springs bound to the same horizontal plane on which children bounce. The frame, the springs, and of course, the ground create the three major impact zones that cause the majority of injury, and safety standards have not improved in the US — which means these 3 impact zones are still a risk. However, one company has changed the game and redesigned the trampoline from the ground up.

Why you need a trampoline that exceeds industry standards

In place of metal springs, Springfree uses flexible composite rods hidden below the jumping surface completely out of reach of any bouncers. The SoftEdge mat is safe from the middle out, and all of the moving parts are hidden below. The matends where the FlexiNet begins, and the soft and safe enclosure (held in place with flexible carbon rods and not rigid steel poles) can guide even the heaviest male safely and gently back to the surface or the ground, without toppling the trampoline itself.

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Make sure to look for trampolines built with components that are rigorously tested in-house, and that those components are built to last. Whereas traditional trampoline components begin to deteriorate almost immediately, Springfree parts are built to survive harsh weather, and so long as you remove snow build up from the surface, their trampolines can sit outside in the sun and snow without any product deterioration.


Safety Awards Matter

It is important for any item used by children to have been awarded the US Family Choice Award, Parent Tested Parent Approved Award and the International Design Award. Springfree Trampoline has won all three,as well as the RedDot Product Design Award, Toyology Outdoor Toy Award, Kidspot Best of Awards Australia, NAPPA Gold Award, Product of the Year US, Product of the Year Canada and Best Award New Zealand. These awards can give parents the peace of mind they need about purchasing the Springfree Trampolines for their children because it proves that parents as well as industry experts trust their design.


Taking Screen Time Outdoors

Springfree Trampoline is also introducing the world’s first smart trampoline through the tgoma game system. Using a tablet to monitor jumping statistics, tgoma offers innovative ways to keep children engaged in active outdoor play. The tgoma play app is the first outdoor digital interactive system that attaches directly to the trampoline allowing children to play games, track stats, and learn, all while having fun.

Keeping children active is a goal that most parents share and purchasing a trampoline is a wonderful way to create a healthier future for your child, so look into picking one up for your child today. New trampoline options allow you to take fun, safety, and health into consideration. Visit your local retailer to see the right options for your family.

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