Office Attire and Fashion: A Career Girl’s Wardrobe

Every career girl will understand this dilemma; dressing for the office is a complicated and puzzling affair for the style conscious.

Seemingly simple yet so easy to get wrong, mixing fashion and formal workwear is always a subject for discussion in every workplace. Are short skirts appropriate and if so, how short? Are stiletto heels too high? And just how much color is too much?


Marie Clare recently posted about the right clothes to wear for the workplace in an article called How to Dress for the Job You Want, which details some obvious rules about not dressing to be too sexy, and to not be too distracting with patterns and colors. But are rules really the way forward for a liberal approach to women in the work place? Some feminists may not believe so. Last year, the Huffington Post shared an article, 11 Ways The American Workplace is Still Really Sexist, which highlights that the problem is still very much present in this day and age, and occupational sexism is still an issue in the Western world.

It’s also no secret that every career girl needs a designer watch to complete her look and finish off her outfit or a designer handbag to adorn her arm – and this is where color comes in. Color isn’t always easy to weave into your office wardrobe if you need big CEOs to take you seriously and not get distracted by your neon pink heels. But the right application of color can be a great way of showing how bold and fearless you are. Accessorizing with colors can say a lot about your personality without giving too much away – and this makes a great start for creating capsule wardrobe.


A capsule wardrobe can help you create a stylish foundation for your daily outfits and you can create style and trend variety by mixing up the bags, shoes, scarves, jewelry and accessories that suit you.


So other than some obvious pointers of not being too revealing or distracting, there really are no exact rules to dressing for the office. But if in doubt, I’ve found that the article Five Levels of Business Attire by Business Insider gives good guidelines.


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