Perfect Career Girl Positions: Personal Injury Lawyer

You’ve all seen those adverts on the telly – they’ll usually broadcast in the afternoon, in between your regular episode of Countdown or a repeat of Midsomer Murders. Starting with a hazy looking person wandering through their workplace, there will suddenly be a terrible BANG or WALLOP sound, like in an old episode of Batman.

Before you know it, that carefree employee is lying on the ground with some horrendous injury. Just as they’re roaring in pain, a suited, booted, slick looking individual strides past them and bellows, “Have YOU been injured in the workplace?”

While their adverts might be a bit shoddy, being an injury claim lawyer consists of more than just bellowing at cameras.

In this hectic and busy arm of the law – national newspaper The Guardian described the number of claims in the past few years as “mushrooming” – you’ll be helping those who have been injured in the home or out on the street.

The keys to success in personal injury claims

But how can you break into a job in the personal injury claims market?

First off, an innate need to help people should be at the top of your list. Much like a doctor or a nurse, you have to show a sense of compassion for the plight of the injured, and feel like you’ll do the best you can to gain them compensation. In a sense, it’s about wanting justice for everyone.

Next, it’s time to study, study and study a bit more. As with any other sector of the law, you’ll have to cram for at least four years to gain a degree in Law. It’s not a case that you can rest on your laurels, either – without a first class honours, the finest firms will flat out ignore you.

While you’re at university, make the most of your free time by taking on a few law internships. In all honesty, this is basically mandatory nowadays. As an increasing number of students figure out how to merge their extracurricular activities with their qualifications, the job market has grown into a prized bear pit.

After you’ve got your qualifications and a decent amount of experience under your belt, it’s time to try for the big scary world of full time employment. This is the tough part – while any number of employers were willing to have an intern who’d work for free, the story changes after you expect a decent wage.

But in that raft of rejections, a sliver of an opportunity will present itself.

Ultimately, the world of personal injury claim lawyers can be tough. But with the right temperament, qualifications and skill, you’ll be in the perfect position to give those who have been unjustly injured a helping hand.


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