Perfect Reads For That Warm & Quiet Summer Night

You know those nights.  It’s warm and there’s an almost eerie quiet in the air.  You’re ready to escape but you’re not sure to where.   Or even where or what you’re escaping from.  None of the usual distractions work, and you almost long to get lost in someone else’s life.  These are the moments when the perfect book, and maybe a glass of wine . . . or two . . . work wonders.  There’s lots to choose from. But if you’ve no time to browse, take heart.  Because  I found two that I’m sure you’ll love as much as I did.

Even more, both of them help to remind us that we don’t see all that is behind the public faces we all put on.  While the outside view of someone’s life may appear enviable, behind the scenes we all have unique challenges that no one sees.  These wonderful true stories remind us that, hey, maybe my life is pretty okay, after all.

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Unstuck: One Heroine’s Journey of Art and The Courage to Live On Purpose

Unstuck,”  by Vicki Todd, is a short story presented in word and art.  It’s her own story of her life journey, the story of that intuitive knowing of one’s inner purpose and passion, and the eventual embracing of that life purpose.

It’s a story of defiance, of hope, and of finding the courage to break through the feelings of anxiety and fear into determination and anticipation.  Moreover, it’s a story of surrender to the unseen forces that work in all our lives in ways that we can never fully comprehend.

Vicki will inspire you to recognize the bread crumb clues that are sprinkled in your life as it was hers.  And remind you that sometimes the only way to hang on, is to let go.

The Ringmaster’s Wife

The lives of those in show business are most often private. We see what they allow us to see, or what the media exposes in less-than-respectful ways.  Normally, what we see is the show.  Their life seems filled with glamour and excitement, and we are entertained and fascinated.  But we don’t see their world from within.

I love the circus.  When I was a child, the occasional opportunity to see Ringling Brothers show was an exciting time.  I’m sure you’ve had some shared moments of awe as a member of the circus audience.   In “The Ringmaster’s Wife,” Kristy Cambron gives an intimate look into the lives of America’s most famous circus family, John and Mable Ringling.

We Only See What We Want To See

These books remind us that we are not alone in our struggles and trials.  For the most part, we endure in silence.  Maybe, if we’d seek to know other’s stories, without judgment, it would lead to a greater empathy for all.  Not a bad side benefit for some casual summer reading.  Enjoy!

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