8 Ways to Lose a Guy on the First Date

As a woman our biological clocks start to tic a bit louder each year we get older. Our bodies, hearts and minds are telling us to find the perfect man, settle down and have a family, but each year that passes without obtaining those things it gets harder and harder to do. The dating scene gets a bit sleazier and the options get less and less. No one wants to end up an old spinster with too many cats to count. This article serves as a “what not to do” on your next first date. Time doesn’t slow down so check yourself and avoid these common pitfalls women make on first dates.

Makeup Overload

You may think you look amazing while applying every type of makeup known to mankind in generous portions but guys want to see the real you. They don’t want to see the Halloween version of you. Most likely they will be envisioning your “face” still plastered to the pillow case after you leave the next morning. They would rather see what you look like after getting out of the shower or leaving the gym and not some make believe version of yourself. Less is more here ladies which leads me to the next first date disaster mistake.


Wear Way Too Much Perfume

You want to make your presence known as you walk into the room but not by being able to smell you from 30 feet away. Mesmerize him by how amazing you look and how confident you are in your own skin and not by your pungent smell.

Use a Social Media Pic from 10 Years Ago

For god sake women, update your social pics to something that resembles you today and not from when you were in college. If you still don’t have the same tight body and wrinkle free face you need to show something more current if you don’t want him running for the hills. There’s nothing worse for a guy who is expecting a 10 and getting a 5 sitting down to dinner in front of him.

Talk About Your All Your Issues

A good date is supposed to be fun and nothing is less fun than listing to someone bitch about every last problem in their life and then top it off by talking about their Ex. Keep the conversation light and fun. Talk about the fun things you like to do (without being braggadocios). Ask him what he likes to do and what he’s interested in.

Stare at Your Phone the Whole Time

hands-coffee-smartphone-technology (1)

Put your phone on silent or even turn it off while on your date. We are way to connected to our devices now and nothing is a bigger turn off then sitting down to dinner with someone whose staring at their phone texting or playing the latest game online while trying to carry on a conversation. Shut it down ladies. It will be there the next day after you leave his apartment from a successful date.

Dating is hard but we don’t need to make it even harder with these common dating mistakes. Honestly check in with yourself to see if any of the above apply to your dating habits. Be the real you even if that means toning down some of your flaws on the first date.

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