Four Ideas for Motivating a Sales Team

A sales team that is motivated and ready to work is absolutely critical for your business. Motivated sales team members will actively add to the success of your company, whilst those who have long lost their mojo will do the complete opposite. The relationships that your sales representatives build with your clients and customers not only create the foundation of your organization in terms of individual sales, but also when it comes to your reputation, growth and success overall. Working in sales can be difficult, but thankfully, there are many ways in which you can support your sales team, make sure that they enjoy their job and are motivated to get results.

Track Progress

Using a sales leaderboard to track the progress of each member of your sales team is a method most commonly used in call centers, but it can be applied in almost any sales environment. A sales leaderboard is displayed in the office, break room or even on the sales floor and provides details of the results which have been achieved that day, week, or perhaps month. Being able to see their progress on a leaderboard can be a great motivator, especially as nobody wants to be that one team member who hasn’t met their target or is on a low number.


Cash Incentives

There’s a reason why most sales jobs are commission based or offer employees the chance to earn commission on top of their regular wage – it works. It’s pretty hard to find a worker, both in sales and otherwise, who won’t jump at the chance of earning some extra cash if they can. Offering some great cash incentives to your sales team, whether it’s on-the-spot cash prizes or extra commission in their monthly pay packet, can give them something worthwhile to work towards.

Having Fun


Being a salesperson can be monotonous and boring as a job, especially if you’re working on a door-to-door or cold calling basis. Because of this, if your sales team can’t have a little bit of fun and enjoy their work, you can expect them to feel like giving up pretty quickly, especially if sales are slow. Simple ideas such as competitions with rewards for the winners can go a long way when it comes to boosting motivation. Rewards don’t have to be monetary, either – having an extra half hour of lunch, being able to go home early or even allowing team members to come in ‘dressed down’ the next day if possible can all be great incentives.

Recognize Individuals

Your sales team may be a collective, but it is also made up of individuals. Too many sales managers somehow forget this, and treat the team as one collective without recognizing the work of each member. For example, if your team performs badly one day but one or two members have done well individually, don’t group them with the members who’ve failed, but instead recognize them for their contribution.

Keeping a sales team motivated requires a lot of work and planning, but it’s time and money that is worth investing.

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