5 Tips to Keep Your Social Media Positive

The following is a guest post by Alexandra & Daniella Pierson.  Their bio follows.

Noticing the negativity that often overwhelms the digital space, Alexandra and Daniella Pierson set out to create platforms for discovering clean and happy content on-the-go. The twins and college students started their separate brands, Springpop and The Newsette, during their sophomore year of college.

After almost two years spent gathering data, conducting focus groups, and working with a team to develop the app, Alexandra launched Springpop in June 2016. Providing a clutter-free feed, the app allows users to view and post what they are seeing, buying and doing. Springpop changes the way users spend time on social media by limiting the number of posts users can share per day and the number of Posters an individual can follow, creating a positive, streamlined space to explore.

Inspired by her sister’s dedication to building her app and discouraged by the overwhelming amount of headlines filled with negative news, Daniella conceptualized and published her first issue of The Newsette. The mini-magazine delivers style-minded content, pop culture highlights and Instagram inspiration to inboxes daily in a format that can be easily digested in 5 minutes or less.

Now, heading into their senior year at the University of Pennsylvania and Boston University respectively, the duo is determined to supply stress-free, streamlined social platforms for young women to explore lifestyle, fashion and career topics. Through their combination of research and passion for making a positive mark on social media, the twins know a thing or two on keeping your feed light and fun. Below are a few tips for creating a more positive experience on the platform, from the social media gurus themselves.

Set the tone early

It’s become second nature for many of us to start the day by scrolling through social media. Because our first waking moments can impact how we feel for the rest of the day, we suggest avoiding hard hitting headlines first thing in the morning. Instead, focus on gathering inspiration through photos, quotes and tips to set the tone for a positive and productive day.

Use social media as a resource 

Social media can often be a space that breeds negativity, criticism and comparisons. It’s easy to turn to social media for the quick yet unfulfilling validation it provides through ‘likes’ and new followers. Instead of fueling the stereotype, use the platform as a resource.   Place to find inspiration by following influential all-stars in areas of interest.

Stay away from social media before bedtime 

It seems adults have swapped their hardcover books with Snapchat stories and Instagram feeds to end their day. We love social media.  But we suggest staying off of it at least an hour before bedtime, to prevent the light and endless scrolling from messing with your sleep cycle.

texting in bed

Try a feed detox

A little detox can go a long way. Simplify your feed by unfollowing anyone who isn’t regularly posting or providing captivating content. Also, don’t be afraid to unfollow! Weed out those accounts that aren’t adding to your life by subtracting them from your feed.

10-minute challenge

It’s easy to get sucked into the black hole of the never-ending digital world. However, when it comes to social media, sometimes less is more. To avoid the inevitable hour-long binge, challenge yourself to limit your social media intake to 10 minutes per scroll session. We find that to be the perfect amount of time to catch up to speed without becoming a distraction.


 Alexandra & Daniella Pierson are identical twins from Jacksonville, Florida.  They had been seen as a duo their entire lives. So they saw college as an opportunity to create their separate brands by moving to different cities and starting their own ventures.


The college students and twin sisters have since created Springpop and The Newsette respectively. Although different, like the twins, each brand focuses on providing positive, streamlined content in a world overwhelmed by information overload.  


Image by Tiffany Von Photography.

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