Practical Online Jobs for the Busy WAHM

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We’ve seen just how mothers who choose to go beyond home-making and child-rearing have revolutionized both the workforce and the economy. Balancing all the duties of a mother with all the demands of a career or income source is nothing short of remarkable. It isn’t an easy feat.

But when these hybrid roles first began, moms were hard-pressed to find the sweet spot to accommodate all of these tasks and be successful at them. Schedules and deadlines had to be met, budgets computed and re-computed, lifestyle choices carefully weighed, and all family and work obligations addressed and balanced.

Thankfully, there is now an excellent array of online jobs that the WAHM (and even their single counterparts) can take on without unreasonable demands regarding time, effort, and obligations.

Jobs you can do without getting up (too often)

As this handy list of home-based jobs mentions, you can always stay home – or even right where you are in your pajamas! – and still earn some money. Many home-based workers (moms or otherwise) hardly need to get up from their comfy, cozy seats to get some supplemental income, which is pretty impressive (though it’s highly recommended to get up, stretch, do some light exercise, and move around every few hours or so to encourage proper circulation).

You can choose to be a remote personal assistant and use your time management skills to help clients oversee their websites, schedules, social media accounts, and even private social events without needing to go on face-to-face meetings with them. Another great stay-at-home job is being a beta-tester for apps or sites – it doesn’t require programmer-level computer skills, after all. Or you can opt for audio transcription jobs that necessitate some speedy typing and sharp listening skills. You could also take advantage of the sharing economy by renting out a spare room, your garage, or even driveway to those who need them and are willing to pay for them.

Another home-based job favorite involves doing tasks on GPT (get-paid-to) or paid survey sites, which entails pretty much the same kind of activities one usually does online. These include answering surveys, completing offers, watching videos, downloading apps, and more. But the best ones also offer a referral program, like GrabPoints. A referral system is great for some passive income because you are basically earning from your successful referrals’ earnings without putting any time or effort into it!

Jobs that can battle cabin fever

One of the biggest complaints about freelancing or working from home is how rote the jobs can get – followed by how solitary and boring being at home all the time could be. In stark contrast to the examples listed a few paragraphs up, this particular list is for those who prefer getting out once in a while to meet other people and earn some money while they’re at it. For instance, dog-walking and pet-caring are fast becoming popular career options for many animal lovers. You can also haul cargo or deliver packages on your free time if you already have the right kind of vehicle for them.

These are just some of the side hustles can help WAHMs and other freelancers battle the occasional cabin fever while still giving them the kind of flexible schedule so many remote workers need.

Jobs that involve shopping

Now, on to the fun part of this list – earning while shopping! It’s recreational and practical at the same time.

One of the best ways to do this is via cashbacks. Cashback shopping entails purchasing specific products from select shops and retailers using an app and then getting back a percentage of what you paid for them. There are also other incentives with this kind of rewards system, including coupons, promos, and discounts.

It isn’t too challenging to enjoy shopping even when you have savings to think about. Nor does it have to be less enjoyable. If you want to earn from shopping, you could also try being a mystery shopper. Some companies hire remote workers to pose as regular customers for restaurants, bars, convenience and grocery stores, cinemas, and other establishments to determine if they are complying with specific consumer laws. These laws could be about not selling cigarettes and alcohol to minors, if service and product quality are up to par, and if the premises are sanitary, and other issues.

Then there is also becoming a private shopper for select clients. It is a lot like the Lyft or Uber of shopping because you will be running purchasing errands for your customers, be it for groceries, clothes, or other supplies. It is a service-oriented task through and through, so friendliness, promptness, and the capacity to pick out the best products for a customer are called for.

Always Options For WAHM

So whether it’s a side hustle or something more full time, there are always practical options for a WAHM. It’s merely a matter of choosing the ones that are a great fit with your preferred lifestyle, schedule, skills, and tools!


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