Why I think Entrepreneurship is a way of giving back.

Let’s be real. When you think about a successful entrepreneur you instantly imagine someone like Donald Trump or maybe even Paris Hilton: eccentric, self-centered and obsessed with luxury. Over the past few years, many people have questioned why I so badly want to be an entrepreneur. They ask why I wouldn’t rather just work for a big company, get perks, and leave my work at the office after 5.

Today I had a little moment that made me remember why I want to be an entrepreneur.

Despite my analysis of the long-term costs of having a Starbucks addiction, I must admit I frequent it a bit more than I should. Over the course of my visits, I’ve started to get to know a fabulous Barista named Jackie.

Jackie is a young single Mom who is very thankful for her job at Starbucks. She’s said that the benefits are better than any other part-time job she has found and she enjoys the people and loves working for the company. Jackie recently went back to college to become a nurse.

Every time I see Jackie, I ask her how school is going and how her son is. I was sad when she told me a few weeks ago that she had to drop out of school due to time and financial constraints.

I immediately thought about all the working Moms I know. Then I thought about what I would do if I was a single Mom without my college degree and without my current full time job with benefits.

I told Jackie that I was going to get thinking. Jackie lights up the whole Starbucks every time I’m there. Her personality and passion are contagious. I know that that there must be a way for her to make some extra money from home.

It turns out I’ve stumbled upon a few opportunities to work with some clients on their social media management and strategy. And guess what? I will need some help, and the first person I thought of to help out was Jackie.

Of course nothing is finalized yet, but the point of this story is that had I not stepped out to take on freelance work, I would not be able to touch another woman’s life in this way. By owning a business, I can hire other women and empower them to learn new skills and be financially self-sufficient.

One of my favorite quotes is “Give a man a fish and you have fed him for today. Teach a man HOW to fish and he can feed himself for the rest of his life.” My motivation behind being an entrepreneur is the ability to empower other women to achieve their dreams and become confident and self-sufficient in the process. I’m hoping that over time I will get to meet and work with many women like Jackie who inspire me to keep on trekking!

Ms. Career Girl

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